Apple ipad developer support contact 2012


In the last week, I got myself a “new iPad” with retina display. It’s really a wonderful display and moving forward, there probably will be a lot more high DPI displays available for tablets and laptops. When visiting web sites, the fonts and CSS elements of the web page look sharp, but the images are a little washed out because they are stretched to the higher DPI. Well, I just spent a few hours working on improving Meshcentral’s look on the new iPad. When detected, higher resolution images are used and I changed the top logo on the site to something that would render better.

The result is a really good looking web site on the new iPad. I can tell what images have been updates and which have not. I have not gone thru the entire site, but many of the more important element have been upgraded. In the future, HTML will have to include some way to detect high-DPI displays, for now, the new iPad is detected specifically, so only that device will get the improved graphics on that page. Moving forward, I will look at opportunities to extend this feature to all displays that can benefit. Also, for any other device, the normal graphics are loaded, so the pages are not any larger in size.Through hands-on workshops, Apple Professional Development experts will show you how to integrate Apple products into your curriculum, assessment strategies, and overall student environment for a richer learning — and teaching — experience.Apple offers 15 different Professional Development workshops. They’re held at your school or district site and run from one to eight days. These hands-on workshops can be tailored to your group’s specific needs and are designed to make sure you’re using your Apple products most effectively. And all Apple Professional Development workshops qualify toward your Continuing Education Units.All Apple Professional Development facilitators are educators themselves. That gives them a unique view: They know what’s important in the education environment, so they can ensure that you learn about your Apple products and how they can best serve you.

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