Apple ipad leather case with stand


The Targus Truss Case for iPad is constructed of durable top-grain leather that provides a tough exterior to protect your device. The case easily transforms into a stand for hands-free viewing which is ideal for convenient movie-watching. To use and view the iPad in the case, Truss opens like a book, so you never have to remove your device. The soft interior lining protects against scratches while the secure wrap-around band holds the case closed when not in use. With a professional exterior and colorful interior, the Truss case uniquely combines both style and function into a durable iPad case.Sturdy case with quality leather. In landscape you have two options for angle. The lower angle is perfect for typing. Easy to get the iPad in and out. The edges of the case extend beyond the edges of the iPad which should protect it when closed if dropped. This case is fairly heavy duty which also means it’s a little heavy if weight is a concern. The case is nice enough for the office or anywhere. The exterior is easy to clean. The screen cover is padded and should provide great protection because the outside is pretty stiff.
I also have a targus portfolio case that is also nice but you have to remove it from the case to use and it is softer but light weight.

Good product overall. Definitely a good option, to the $40+ cases you find at a retailer. The cons I found were, the side entry for the iPad as a small flap that goes under the iPad, and it could make it bulky for the case to close completely,…no biggie really. The one part I did not like very much is the access to the top and side controls (power&volume), its not what you call easy access, even though, it has openings for said controls, you still have to make your way in there a little bit,….but all outputs have there designated openings. The Cameras on both sides have the opening, however, I did notice the front camera is not really centered to the opening, so it can easy be covered by the case if you move the iPad too much,…with that said, the case does control the iPad inside fairly secure.After three weeks using this case with the iPad2:
This is a perfect starter case, particularly if you are gifting or new to the iPad experience and don’t yet know what features you’ll really want in a case. It protects the iPad2 and allows for portable, versatile use.
NOTE: I have sensitivity to off-gasses. After opening, I had to place this case in another room to air out for a full day before I could use it comfortably. By the third day, the issue was completely resolved.

– It stands well, for viewing videos and slide shows. (Vertical landscape)
– The slight angle it provides by laying it horizontally (landscape) works surprisingly well for typing and swiping.
– It does not stand hands-free in portrait, but it is still lightweight enough to hold in one hand while swiping and tapping.
– The magnet in the cover works to sleep the iPad2 , as advertised.
– Protective and discreet (looks more like a notebook than an iPad)

– No portrait stand (I’ve missed it only a little)
– The simple tab in the back used to ‘create’ the stand will start to stretch out over time and create a less secure ability to prop the iPad2 for typing (though it should have no effect on standing it for viewing purposes). If you have a little velcro tab (office supplies), you can correct this easily.I love this case. As I use my new iPad more and more, I’ll have a better idea of the features I’ll really want in a case — and I fully expect to upgrade. But I don’t feel the need to hurry. In the meantime, this case covers most of my needs and is inexpensive enough that I won’t feel wasteful when I move on.I paired the case purchase with screen protectors and a stylus, both of which are working well for me so far. (Screen protectors are tricky to put on – read the reviews for tips.) The stylus clips easily over the edges of this case; like a pen to a notebook.Best iPad case I found so far. Tried other cases but the targus truss is far the best so far. Protection, style and usability wise. Excellent. The only issue is it’s weight prolly because of the protection it provides to the iPad so not really an issue at all. Original price in Harvey Norman is $69 but bought it for $34.95. Sweet! =)

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