apps disappeared from iphone after jailbreak


Ever since I jailbroke my iPhone 4S using Absinthe, it has been behaving a little weird, sometimes displaying white icons or even transparent icons for certain applications. It seems that this issue only affects Apple’s stock applications such as the Phone app, Calendar, etc.

I can’t really pinpoint the issue. Is it because of Absinthe? Or is it because of a package I have installed from Cydia? While I’m not really sure what causes this problem, I have found a simple trick to fix the blank or missing icon dilemma…

To fix this problem, simply download iWipe Cache from Cydia, and run the app. According to the app description, iWipe Cache allows you to:Clear your SpringBoard Cache to ensure all images from any theme will work with WinterBoard. Due to Winterboard being very out of date, It does not clear springboard cache. This app will clear your cache, allowing new masks and overlays to be applied to Icons.

As you can see, iWipe Cache was apparently developed to fix WinterBoard problems, but since it I don’t have WinterBoard installed on my iPhone 4S, I know for sure my blank icons issues aren’t due to this app.

Additionally, it seems that doing a respring temporarily fixes the problem. Respringing hasn’t proven very effective in my case, which is why I recommend the iWipe Cache option, over a simple respring.

If you’ve seen white or missing icons on your iPhone or iPad, try this fix and let us know how it works for you.I tried re-jailbreaking on 5.1.1 with Absinthe 2.0.1. After backing up and wiping my iPod touch 4G as required and running Absinthe, Cydia showed up. I ran Cydia and it proceeded to install the files. However, when it rebooted, Cydia and almost all my native apps were gone. Even after restoring from the backup, the apps failed to show. What do I do?When I had this problem when I jailbroke my friend’s 3GS, I tried to restore his iphone back then jailbreak it using redsnow tethered then upgraded it to untethered jailbreak. I had the iphone 3GS jailbroken with the other missing phone, message app back.I had that issue when jailbreaking a friend’s phone for her. You need to put it into dfu/recovery mode by holding home and sleep until the screen goes black and then home for 10 seconds or until it pops up on your computer saying there was an iPhone/iPod touch detected in recovery mode. From there restore do not restore from backup.
I have a suggestion:

1.Open Cydia and go to: Manage->Settings and change the ‘Who Are You?’ user type to ‘Developer’.

2.Now, go to Search and type in ‘libhide’ (without the quotations). Select ‘libhide’ by tapping on it. Tap ‘install’ and confirm the installation. If it is already installed, select ‘modify’ and tap ‘Reinstall’. Cydia might prompt you to restart the SpringBoard. Do so.

3.Go back to ‘Manage->Settings’ and change the ‘Who Are You’ user type back to ‘User’.

That’s it!

So far this has worked for me. For a whole two weeks now, the white icon issue has not appeared and no longer plagues my device. However so, I cannot guarantee that you will have similar results.
For those curious, libhide is the underlying library in cydia used to hide icons for many applications including SbSettings, Categories, and even Winterboard.Yes, but they shouldn’t be there. On non-jailbroken iPhones, obviously the problem doesn’t exist. It is caused by a bug in the latest version of the “libhide” package, and since it is one of the first packages Cydia requires you to install, most people have this issue.

If those icons are missing, try looking in a folder called “Utilities” on your springboard. If you came from a new reinstall of your iOS it will automatically put those icons into that folder that it creates. IF they still arent there, reboot your phone by holding down the power button until you see the “slide to power off”. After it shuts down, hold the power button for like 2-3 seconds and it will reboot. See if they are there then.IF not, try to do a full restore of your iOS 4.2.1 and those apps should still be put in the “utilities” folder by default.I wouldn’t have suggested this other than I know compass goes into that folder.And the green skelton is normal for your Greenpois0n jailbreak. BUT to completely remove your jailbreak, just restore with 4.2.1 and its gone just as mdelaossa said. :)

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