Apps For Android AVABEL Review


Ultimate graphics Action Online RPG AVABEL ONLINE
Play AVABEL ONLINE, an exciting MMORPG journey with the best in smartphone graphics!

Readily available for Android devices and Tablets.

Added weapon and armor evolving system
-Release of tool and armor progressing rank
-Included weapon and shield developing dungeon
-Launch of rookie, intermediate, and progressed in product dungeon
-New feature included Dungeon Points (DP) in dungeon, item dungeon, and time strike
-DP is now common factors for dungeon, product dungeon, and time attack
-Added tool types [Fl], [Ba], and [Di]-Added cooling down time service after utilizing capabilities for each and every tool group
-Added success system which improves gained EXP when enhancing tool and shield
-Included 12 sophisticated lessons
-Advanced lessons can make use of present and enhanced lesson skills
-3 active skills included for each sophisticated lesson

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