At&t android phones with physical keyboard


I am qualified to have an upgrade from my captivate, after 2 yrs of disliking touch screen keyboards I am not thinking about a telephone that does not possess a slideout keyboard. Have i got any options past the captivate glide? Or would I must switch to a different provider/buy an unlocked phone to here is another?I have seen the AT&T, amazon . com and newegg websites and that i weren’t capable of finding anything beyond that, and looking out this subreddit has not really explained much either. If anybody has any suggestions that might be awesome.

My spouse is presently utilizing a Rim on AT&T and it is considering switching to a different Android device. Factor is she’s used my GS3 and does not like not getting an actual keyboard. Apart from the Captivate Glide, are there more products presently out or forecasted to be released on AT&T which have an actual keyboard?There is nothing later on to date of the android phone having a keyboard for Att. Right it is now only the glide within the website. Type of wish we’d customize the one soon. Wouldn’t believe the number of clients I talk to that are looking one. Sent from my Universe Nexus using Tapatalk 2.The very best best phone available on the market having a physical keyboard may be the Photon Q on sprint. If you wish to remain on AT&T the Xperia small Professional and also the Xperia professional are generally decent phones available unlocked for approximately $200. They have both been upgraded to ICS within the last 2 several weeks. If you’re able to wait a couple of more several weeks it’s most likely worth seeing if among the 5 rumored nexus products includes a physical keyboard.

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