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Listen your favorite books online using this app absolutely free! No need to download anything, just select the desired book and start playback. Our app has a smart search for the title of the book or author’s name. Search and playback requires an internet connection.

Attention Users! This application is a search engine and provides links to audio books available on the internet. We are not recording or uploading any books, but we always trying to provide widest range of audiobooks in our catalog.

Genres books available for search in our application: Detectives, Adventures, Thriller, Action, Historical books, Biographies and Memoirs, Fiction, Fantasy, Horror, Mystery, Russian Literature, Foreign Literature, Novels, Comedy, Business, Fairy Tales, Children, Psychology, Esoteric, Religion, Sociology; Audiobooks in English, Russian and other languages.

Attention Rightholders! Our application only provides links to listening audio books that are available in the public domain in the internet. We do not take responsibility for the actions of users.

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