Available Now Shoot Many Robots for Android


Shoot Many Robots for Android is now available on the Google Play Shop totally free.

The game, which welcomes you to, well, shoot robots (if ever a game’s title was obvious, it has to be this one) now has an Android variation. The title was already able for Xbox Live Arcade, PlayStation Network and Windows through Steam.

Shoot Many Robots is a complimentary competition and appears to work on a lot of devices (not merely Snapdragon S4 ones, like Oil Rush 3D), but it is ad-supported, and I have to mention that, in order to go through it a lot faster, you can easily buy different products along the way.

The game does not have too much of a learning arc– it’s just basic running, leaping and shooting, and it does look very good and it’s a heap of enjoyable, particularly along with the weekend coming. Exactly what it does have is a lot of action and commands are fairly simple, too, I have to add.

Will you download it and shoot (many) robotics?

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