Award winning educational apps 2012


Of course, apps aren’t all fun and games, and when it comes to educational apps, the award went to LetterSchool.This app helps kids ages 4-6 learn how to write by using the iPhone’s multitouch screen to teach letterforms. Through a series of educational games, kids learn basic letter and numbers shapes (all English letters and numbers 1-10 are included), trace them, and draw them from memory. Recordings of the sounds made by each letter are also included.

In the five years mobile has featured at the Webby Awards, it has ballooned to 24 categories, which suggests it attracts plenty of entrants (but we’re not told how many). There’s a Webby Award winner – chosen by the judges – and a People’s Voice Winner – where the general public and/or friends of the entrants can vote for their choice (shortlisted companies only) for each category. That means there are 48 mobile awards up for grabs, so there’s more chance of winning, but does this dilute the kudos of a Webby Award?
If you were expecting best practice mobile Websites at the Webbys, you will be disappointed. Despite the name and heritage, the mobile categories at the Webby Awards have been overrun by native apps. Nonetheless there are plenty of big brands among the winners. There are international entries, but US companies dominate. Often similar names appear in successive years.
Each winner and nominee has a link, some link to case studies and videos, which is excellent, but many more go direct to Apple’s iTunes Store – this might make the Webby Awards a great option for entrants who need downloads, but not so good for those wishing to pick up best-practice tips from the winners.
mobiThinking would like to see all awards’ organizers provide summaries of winning campaigns and/or video case studies, perhaps with comments from the judges – is it wrong to want to know why the winners won or if the campaigns were effective or just looked good? When these aren’t available, mobiThinking collects summaries, case studies and videos for the winners.”I’m pretty sure it sits right up there in Children’s Top Ten Sentences along with ‘No’ (does it qualify as a sentence????), ‘I’m not tired’ and ‘I’m hungry’! It particularly struck me the other day when I was sitting in a waiting room with my kids and the same question seemed to pop-up all over the room!” says Valerie Touze, Montessori teacher and co-founder at Les Trois Elles Interactive. “This is exactly why my partners and I set up Les Trois Elles Interactive two years ago; to give parents a real educational alternative when kids ask them for their iPhone/iPod or iPad.”

Les Trois Elles Interactive, the award-winning publisher of Montessori Numberland, and Montessori Letter Sounds announces today that it is releasing a new app called Montessori Geometry. Montessori Geometry is designed for children from 5 to 10. Younger children will enjoy learning shapes beyond the usual circle, triangle and square. Middle school children will spend hours playing with the different 3D shapes.

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