Baby entertainment apps 2012


Baby Sign has over 200 American Sign Language baby signs. It is a great reference for parents who want to connect and communicate with their child at a very young age. On average, babies who learn to sign know 50 more words by the age of two than babies who never learn to sign.

User Review: “”Easy to follow, good selection of words, and great entertainment!” — NewMom17 (5 stars)Mybabyface is application for predicting future baby face based on mom, dad and their parents traits.At the end
you’ll see drawing of your baby. You can share this picture through facebook and send by email to your friends
More info you can find here: http://mybabyface.After reading your article I was just wondering how did I manage with my first child 18 years ago. I mean there were no SMARTPHONES like we have now! I guess that’s one of the reason I decided to work on children’s apps myself. Is not that there are not enough children apps out there is just that I like programming and I wanted to give my children something more creative. So last year I started to make apps for children. My first one was Minifono, a toy phone for toddlers . This year I launch my first interactive book called “Albie and friends” and I’m very happy with the results.A cute baby dog awaits you. Talking Baby Dog is a tremendous entertainment application for your iPhone and iPod touch. Well in mind, he is not a normal dog. He is a very playful 3D Talking Baby Dog. He loves to talk & play. You can record your voice and he will repeat whatever you say. Press ball button to play ball with him. The app is fun for all ages. He moves, eats, falls asleep and do many other activities for your fun.

Take a glance at screenshots and you will know how your fun partner is.When Emily Butler takes her 2 1/2 -year-old daughter, Caroline, to restaurants near their home in Washington, D.C., there’s one thing she never leaves at home—her phone. That’s because she knows that it can serve as her lifeline if Caroline gets upset. She simply turns on one of her tried-and-true apps, like’s Trancit Lite Edition 1.3 , and the screen fills with swirling colors and images that never fail to engage her daughter through the meal.

“At a restaurant it comes in handy if your baby is crying,” says Butler, 34. “They kind of zone out, staring at the lights. You (and everyone else) get to eat in peace and they get their colors on.”

Smith isn’t alone. In recent years, parents everywhere have learned that no matter how many toys, books, and instruments that they purchase for their babies and toddlers, there’s one device that never grows old: the cell phone.

To make sense of all the apps out there aimed at kids, we turned to tech expert Katie Linendoll ( who is a regular contributor on CNN and The Early Show, to share some of her favorites.

“I call the iPad the ultimate babysitter,” says Linendoll. “Because it’s very easy to use, there’s no manual, and when the price point is typically free or 99 cents, you can’t go wrong in downloading a bunch and seeing what you like.”

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