Beautiful live weather wallpaper android


Beautiful Live Weather is really a Live Wallpaper for the Android phone!

Display a sunny weather, but coupled with Beautiful Icons (in the market), you’ll have the ability to watch the actual weather conditions, rain, snow, storms, etc!

Doesn’t work on Eris, Hero and Moment!

A much better version, OpenGL faster with more features is incorporated within Beautiful Icons
This wallpaper is effective on my small new nexus 7 I acquired a few days ago the only real factor which i can’t stand relating to this wallpaper is it makes my device lag a great deal even on limitless fps and CPU hog
Precisely represents the sun’s position as well as the correct phases from the moon! If that is not enuff, you may also place it to portray your present weather…whether it’s pouring down rain outdoors I’ll show rain drops in your tablet. Works perfect on Hewlett packard Touch pad running Cyanogenmod 9 a2-ICS
Where else are you able to be aware of temp, time, and weather outdoors without unleashing the telephone? This is not on APPLE, that’s without a doubt.. The live wallpaper is nice.. sun and moon position, and weather conditions all animated! BEAUTIFUL

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