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Would you like to setup Microsoft exchange active sync email account, zimbra or lotus notes account in your android cell phone then here’s couple of top programs you need to know within the android market which serves your own personal purpose, though you will find a large number of free and compensated exchange email clients available here are couple of applications i discovered and examined and discovered to be good after utilizing it for some time, though latest form of android includes built-in exchange sync client but it’s immature and doesn’t serves the professional purpose, here are couple of applications that’s an absolute must have in case your corporate email account comes from exchange.

RemoSync Exchange Activesync:
The most recent form of RemoSync is designed to support products which are running from android 1.5 and above, Remo sync is among the best active sync client to date and syncs Email, Contacts,Calendar, Tasks and supports not just all versions of microsoft exchange(2003, 2007, 2010) but other similar servers for example Zimbra, IBM Lotus notes, hotmail, Google servers utilizing ActiveSync Methods what is more it supports Enterprise-level Security. IT administrator can control alpha-number security PIN, data wipe your contacts, email and calendar just when was phone sheds or thievery without staying in personal particulars at wrong hands, SSL file encryption all application documents are encoded.Customers have multiple synchronization options – Real-time direct push, Scheduled Sync, or Manual Sync.Using Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync (EAS) methods, RemoSync connects Android phones straight to Microsoft Exchange (2003, 2007, and 2010), IBM Lotus Notes(8.5.1, and then versions), Hotmail, and Zimbra servers giving customers real-time use of email, contacts, global address list (Woman), calendar, and tasks. No proxy servers are essential.

More 2000 contacts in the default contact folder (at server) could be synchronized towards the phone’s contact database, choice to save the contacts to native phonebook, add and customize the contacts, search and access contacts from global address list (Woman) simply by entering the least 3 figures (Lotus Notes requires 4 figures), make voice calls or send text or MMS messages in the contact’s telephone number, send e-mail in the contact’s current email address. plus much more here are screen shots of remo sync and QRCODE to download it.

Touch lower
This really is just like RemoSync but lacks most of the features that remo sync needs to offer for example i have no idea whether or not they support zimbra and lotusnotes because i didn’t discover a way or choice to add individuals accounts, relaxation it seems much like remo sync.

Road Sync

Much like touch down and Remo sync they provide secure push along with other features although not sure whether or not this supports other servers for example IBM lotusnotes, Zimbra, Hotmail and Google servers with exchange methods support.after using a large number of applications for some time i discovered above three applications to become worth wile trying it out based on your requirements, should you attempted every other microsoft exchange client on android and found it better do leave a comment.

I personally use the e-mail application on HTC Rezound (2.3+ whatever) and it is plenty acceptable for me. Unsure concerning the stock email on Frozen Treats.Only other free one I am conscious of is Canine, and it is been a while since i have tried on the extender but establishing exchange can be quite tricky (despite IT help, which often they cannot or will not assist you to).Now I had been using Pure Messenger widget (like $3-$4) for some time also it was great, but to obtain exchange mail inside your widget you needed to be rooted for this to operate a hack (or use Canine, however, you could only get pull and never push by using it, unsure if that is transformed). Then your hack broke when Google cranked up security around the stock email application (and same for Gmail), also it wasn’t an especially easy deal with to set up hack apk’s for individuals (the Gmail reaches least offered at XDA). So caution on that certain. I might explore it can within the coming couple of weeks after i update to ICS.

I recognize that’s very little help. But meanwhile you should check out Canine free of charge and perhaps be among the lucky ones it’s not hard to set-up for.My opportunity comes with an MS Exchange Server 2003 running and that i have two exchange email options associated with my D4! It syncs the calendar too in to the built-in Android calendar.
The very first time we attempted it there have been some problems. Our IT men needed to fiddle for some time however it labored. In the beginning they stated it’s Verizon that will not allow it to happened plus they stated it’s on our finish. It had been crazy because everybody stated: “it is not my fault it is not working” however it truly would be a MS server set-up problem. Don’t allow them let you know it can’t be achieved, It May!

You do not even need to obtain the “corporate data plan”! It really works using the standard data plan (figured that out after i attempted it on my small wife’s phone, i quickly dropped mine). Has worked for more than 2 yrs and that we have multiple people with android phones within our co. You may have the ability to make an online search to discover what your MS server will need enabled to utilize the Android phones!My exchange email is ready on my Razr however it only keeps messages for thirty days. What’s the best application available to utilize exchange and messages on phone forever. Thanks a lot for the help.

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