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I don’t know about you. But my idea of the perfect gadget consists of a piece of tech that works together seamlessly with all my other gadgets. Maybe I was ruined after years of Star Trek. Either way, one of the first things I did when I joined team android; was look for ways to connect my android phone to my PC. Right on the tail of our 13 Must Have Apps – Essential Android Apps List comes our list of apps that let you control your PC and Mac.There’s something deeply liberating about being able to get one over on those huge, faceless and cold-hearted corporations, and nothing does that better than building your own recordable TV powerhouse in your living room – especially as companies like Virgin Media have announced package price hikes for those customers stuck in a contract.You can achieve this snub by installing a media centre PC next to your big screen.Unfortunately, no matter how good you make your media PC – and modern systems are good, allowing you to watch, record and play back TV in perfect silence – there’s often one weak point in DIY home media networking that will bring the rest of the house toppling down.The weak link in question is the remote control.Many of us use the standard keyboard and mouse, or some kind of cobbled-together version of the two to control a media PC from a distance. Neither option is particularly good. You can purchase a third, more expensive option in the form of a media centre remote, but we don’t think this is the best method available.So what are you left with? Well, there’s a solution, and you probably already own it: a smartphone. Not just any smartphone though – the mobile of choice for this kind of work comes from the hands of the smiling green bug of Android, allied to a little application called Gmote that gives you complete control of your media PC.If you’ve never used it before then you’re in for a rare treat – Gmote is an eye-opener to the world of Android. When such a simple app can work so harmoniously with the devices it’s connected to, you start to wonder what else your smartphone is capable of.As well as being a great way of controlling the media on your PC for playback on a big screen TV, you can also use Gmote to stream media from your PC to your phone or tablet. Here’s how to install the app on your device as well as the software needed on your computer to communicate with it.

Gmote 2.0 -

I had a lot of use with this one personally in the past. It was my original Android – PC remote. This one is pretty simple to setup and use. Though it’s worth noting that I often had to completely restart my PC when I decided to run Gmote to get it running. This may just be my system. Download the app and then follow the directions to head over to the website and download the gmote server. *Stream music from your PC to your device, control the screen on your pc, launch and navigate webpages, built-in file browser, standard play – pause – rewind controls and virtual keyboard to type on your PC from across the room. This app works with Macs as well and Gmote is free on the Android market.

PhoneMyPC -

I recently checked out PhoneMyPC to review it. And it ended up being one of those apps that I just had to hang on to. It is currently the only remote app I use. With PhoneMyPC you can actually see the desktop on your device. You can access all your files at home while at work or in class. You can check out the review for details but I’ll give you the run down. *control the mouse and keys, view a snapshot of your desktop, control processes, see a live view of your desktop. (devs working on sound) PhoneMyPC is a bit on the pricey side at $9.99 (price may be going up in the future) But it is the hands down best remote app I’ve used on android!

VLC Remote –

I tried VLC remote out not long ago. As I’ve been using VLC almost exclusively for my media playback lately. The rundown: Automatic configuration is very helpful, Full browsing control (play any file from your computer), Full DVD controls, control volume, position and track, fullscreen on and off, control subtitles, aspect ratio, audio track, access external drives. This app is very snappy and quick to respond. Works on both Mac and PC. Free on the market but full features will cost you £0.60 – $0.97

RemoteDroid -

I tried a while back and it was a pretty solid app. Like others on this list you’ll need to download the app from the market along with a server application to your PC. RemoteDroid turns your phone into a wireless keyboard and mouse with touchpad, using your own wireless network. Updates have seen an improved keyboard and integration of multi-touch gestures. This one is compatible with Windows, Mac and Linux systems. Free on the market.

GRemotePro –

This one was actually recommended by a friend. And it didn’t disappoint. The UI looks great, the layout is easy to navigate and overall is smooth and responsive. There has been confusion however because the app is listed as “Free” but users should be aware that while the ‘app’ is free, the server client you need to download is listed at $15. (Currently $9.95 for April 2010) GRemotePro turns your PDA into wireless keyboard, mouse, touchpad and analogue game controller to PC. Play favorite racing games with your phone.Control any application you want. This one is only for Windows users unfortunately. Works via WiFi or Bluetooth .

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