Best android apps for new parents 2012


Even though your baby isn’t old enough to use a smart phone yet, there are plenty of great apps that can make your life as a new parent easier. Here are a few that are recommended by experienced KC parents!A baby means you need (and deserve!) the best help that mama can get, and sometimes that’s an app. Between battling lack of sleep, dirty diapers, nighttime feedings and doctor visits, and all the while trying to your babe’s milestones, if you live off your smart phone or tablet, you’ll want to download these apps to help you manage it all.As a new parent, every little bit helps. And since you use your smart phone for pretty much everything, why not use it to help with your new baby?There are oodles of apps that remind, track and time everything from feedings to diaper changes and offer tips for new parents.Most of these apps are free, though some may cost a few dollars. Of course, the peace of mind and extra hand many of these apps provide is well worth the cost. Here are just 10 great apps for expecting and new parents.

Before baby arrives, track your pregnancy with this amazing app! You will be able to view a countdown to your anticipated delivery, see updates on how your baby is growing each week, track your weight and pregnancy symptoms, upload baby bump photos, and share all of this information with your loved ones. Available for iPhone and Android. Cost: FREE

Labor Contraction Timer:
Gone are the days of the dad with the stop watch. Now you can track your contractions with the Contraction Timer app. Just tap a button when your contraction begins and again when it ends. Available for iPhone and Android. Cost: FREE

Baby Tracker Nursing:

Keep track of when your baby nurses, which side went first, how long they nurse on each side and when you bottle feed with this app. Available for iPhone. Cost: $4.99. (A similar app, Baby Feeding Timer, is available for Android for free)

Total Baby:
Keeping track of baby’s activities can be overwhelming with a newborn, but this app helps you keep it all straight! Track when baby eats, how long/how much for feedings, wet and poopy diapers, and naps—all with the touch of a button. There is even a growth chart! Available on iPhone. Cost: $4.99 (A similar app, Baby Connect, is available on Android for the same price.)

White Noise Lite:
Help your baby fall asleep on the go with this white noise app. Choose from a variety of sounds to soothe your baby to sleep. Available on iPhone and Android. Cost: FREE

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