Best Android Apps for Playing Podcasts


Podcast enthusiasts accustomed to download their most favorite episodes for their desktop computers and laptops, then send the files to their SD cards, plug the SD cards to their Android phones, and voila! Instant podcast viewing/listening on the telephone.Everything has transformed today with Android smartphones’ beefier processing energy and ultra-high-speed data connections. With mobile phones getting good effective hardware and faster broadband connectivity (read: 4G), podcast lovers are hitting their lips with much delight and gusto.But, what application to make use of? Ahh, there is the rub. Never fear, Watson. Android Authority involves save your day. We advise the next 9 best podcast applications for Android.

MyPOD Podcast Manager Free
MyPOD Podcast Manager Free is perfect for podcast addicts, particularly individuals with very strict podcatching standards usual for energy customers. This application isn’t for that average person because, being feature-filled (yes, their email list is very lengthy), learning its use may take some significant period of time. Extensive documentation can be obtained, though, and also the purchase of learning is going to be worthwhile. MyPOD Podcast Manager Free sets you free of the shackles of desktop or cloud-based syncing-it is simply you, your phone, as well as your podcasts. Certainly one of its distinctive features is remote management, which enables you to definitely take control of your Android device making use of your PC. For controlling as much as 10 feeds, you will be fine with this particular free version. Otherwise, purchase the unleashing answer to permit the application limitless feeds.

There’s existence beyond catching podcasts-and that is taking pleasure in the podcasts with no headache. That is what BeyondPod is essentially saying. It’s a sophisticated program, as well as in its sophistication lies its glory. It supports all of the well-known feed methods: RSS 2., Atom, RDF, and OPML. You will need BeyondPod if you want better treatments for what it really does. For example, you are able to specify the number of downloads to create at any time, or tell it to download just one file (or simply the most recent podcasts or all of the feeds within the directory), or when you want to discard old podcasts that you’ve still got in your disk. You don’t have to watch for downloads to accomplish because BeyondPod enables background installing. You are able to place it to prevent playing a media file following a certain period-this selection is helpful should you watch video or pay attention to podcasts in mattress while awaiting sleep in the future. Seriously, this application includes a lengthy listing of features that you could enjoy totally free for seven days, then you will have to spend out USD$7.00 to carry on podding beyond. A tablet version for Honeycomb can be obtained, but nonetheless in beta.

DoggCatcher includes a noisy bark along with a corresponding large bite. (Other soldiers are just noisy around the bark, but soft around the bite.) It’s a well-designed and well-implemented podcatcher application that will the fundamentals wonderfully, and much more. Podcast and feed discovery will not need you to be A Virtual Detective. Receive recommendations of recent podcasts according to your overall monthly subscriptions. Classify your feeds and become your personal podcast librarian. DoggCatcher is pod-literate-it props up RSS 1., RSS 2., Atom, and OPML methods. DoggCatcher development is really as active since it’s user community, too. The designers frequently update the application code to really make it more stable, support more products, or add additional features. They launched updates a lot more than 30 occasions this past year, they stated. Which means that, even when DoggCatcher does not possess a free version around the Android Market, individuals who purchase it for USD$7.00 can sleep soundly during the night knowing that they’re safe behind a a group of active designers along with a encouraging user community. Not necessarily a bad doggy, that one.

PodTrapper Podcast Manager
If trapping podcasts is the game, this application may be worth a go. PodTrapper Podcast Manager is an expert in podcasts only. Utilize it to instantly retrieve podcast episodes using either Wi-Fi or perhaps your mobile carrier’s data connection. If, by grave misfortune, you’re tied with a contract to some difficult company, this application provides you with a workaround: you are able to download your podcasts utilizing a desktop application. Controlling your podcasts with PodTrapper doesn’t have traps, however, as the majority of it that you can do instantly: auto sorting, auto management, auto remove after playback. Disconnected out of your Wi-Fi? That’s no trap either. This application enables you to definitely resume downloads. Just the compensated version (USD$7.00) can be obtained around the Android Market, but a 30-day trial version can be obtained in the developer’s website.

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