Best Android Apps for Playing Video


Don’t misunderstand me. The stock video player on Android works all right for many folks. But, you are not just one of &ldquomost&rdquo Android folks, are you currently? This is exactly why you are searching for a relevant video player application for Android-and something which will suit your steep demands for smooth, non-frame-missing, seamless video playback.
Well, you’ve come right place. (We are not known as Android Authority for free, you realize.) Within this publish, we stock 6 totally free, feature-filled, and perfectly efficient video player applications that you could replace Android’s stock video player with. These types of only a couple of taps from the Android Market, would be the most-ranked, and fit in with the cr&egraveme p la cr&egraveme of video player applications around the Android Market. A few of these have compensated versions, however the free versions work all right in most cases suffice for many video-playing needs.(CAUTION: Video playback depends on CPU energy, among additional factors. So, expect if video playback in your 600-MHz-processor device works out sluggish and erratic.)

MoboPlayer (Mobo Team)
The application designers were not kidding once they made the decision with an appropriate tagline for MoboPlayer: &ldquoEnjoy your video.&rdquo MoboPlayer is dedicated to video playing, and it works with little hassle. Unlike several video gamers for Android, this application can enjoy all video formats without needing to transcode (i.e., transforming one container format to a different container format). Exterior subtitle formats for example SRT, SSA, and ASS are fully supported, much like built-in subtitles such container formats as MKV, MOV, and MPV. MoboPlayer also allows you like streamed videos which use HTTP or RTSP methods. It even shows a three dimensional slide carousel of the videos’ pictures. The designers of MoboPlayer wants their application not just in run easily but additionally to operate easily on as numerous products as you possibly can. This is exactly why they have provided several codec variants for particular hardware platforms. You don’t have to install the codec for the phone’s hardware, though, if MoboPlayer plays well right as they are (which happens more often than not anyway).

mVideoPlayer (afzkl)

Much like MoboPlayer, mVideoPlayer is yet another highly suggested alternative for the Android’s stock video player. Unlike MoboPlayer, though, mVideoPlayer doesn’t have &ldquosoftware decoding&rdquo ability, and therefore, are only able to play video and audio that the specific phone model supports. I particularly like the way the application developer puts these details upfront on its description page around the Android Market because many video-crazy Android customers appear to wish a relevant video player that’s hardware blind. When the video you need to play is not supported in your phone, you are able to transcode (i.e., convert) it to some format that’s based on your Android phone to ensure that mVideoPlayer can run it. Its advantages over MoboPlayer is the fact that mVideoPlayer supports more subtitle formats, comes with an in-application search function for querying and also the Internet Movie Database (IMDB) database, and includes styles and various options that you should personalize your player based on your requirements.

arcMedia (arcMedia)

arcMedia supplies a wider selection of container and codec support for video playback. Exactly what the opensource FFmpeg can enjoy, arcMedia may also play-since the application is made on FFmpeg libraries. For those who have a superpowerful Android phone with many different CPU energy, arcMedia can engage in it and employ software decoding to experience back video formats that won’t be natively based on your phone’s hardware. arcMedia may also play streaming videos from DailyMotion, YouTube, along with other similar sites. DRM-protected videos aren’t supported yet. A Honeycomb version can also be within the works.

RealPlayer Beta (RealNetworks, Corporation.)
Many people who install RealPlayer Beta love its awesome music-playing and music-organizing capabilities. The very fact, however, is the fact that RealPlayer Beta is a brand-in-one multimedia application that does not only works best for music but in addition for pics and vids. This is among the video player applications with intuitive playback controls along with a modern look-and-feel. RealPlayer Beta includes a download manager that allows you download and save several media files simultaneously.

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