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If your dad wants a clever phone, then you can want to think about getting him this Samsung Transform Android Phone this Father’s day. Every time they visit an awesome Father’s day gift.

The Samsung Transform Android Phone for Sprint is the perfect smart phone and contains Sprint ID to use to customize your phone experience. It’s 3G-enabled and has now a large 3.5-inch touch-screen with a full QWERTY keyboard that could be slide out. Hence, your dad are able to type easily on this phone.

Also, due to the battery lifespan, you’ll be able to talk for approximately Six hours, as much as 350 hours (14.5 days) of standby time with one full battery charge.

Other Notable Top features of This Samsung Transform Android Phone

In it, we would like to highlight for you a number of the other notable features that you discover during this Samsung Transform smartphone, as well as how all these features will benefit you:

1. Power to Undertake Interactive video Calls

This smartphone also features 2 cameras, one out of front along with the other at the back – The leading camera on the back is 3.2 megapixels whereas the one about the front is VGA that your particular dad are able to use for video chat.

2. Capacity to Take advantage of An entire Choice of Google Services

As the Samsung Transform is powered using the Android os in this handset, your dad is able to utilize the Google services and employ apps for instance Gmail and Calendar. You can even use Android Target download various apps and games to your phone.

3. Built-In Global positioning system – Will no longer Will You Need Some other GPS Device

Another key feature that’s obtained in this unique Samsung Transform cell phone would be the Navigation services by Sprint Navigation for turn by turn directions. It’ll be really beneficial to help you get collected from one of destination for a another with this particular feature, no more how about a supplementary GPS device.

Customers’ Critiques Concerning this Samsung Transform Android Phone

Moving upon customers’ critiques concerning this Samsung Transform touch screen phone, you’ll find mixed reactions into it.

Let us first discuss the positive points – With regards to the keyboard and other physical elements of design, customers have asserted that there’re adequately planned out. Alternatives life of the battery, many have said that it is pretty reasonable to a brilliant phone. In addition to being for the 3G connectivity by Sprint, many have stated that it’s decently fast.

As with the downsides relating to this phone – Some customers have asserted this unique phone is not as responsive as it ought to be. Also, there isn’t an “End” button available, and therefore, when sometimes they give a message to some wrong person unintentionally, it’s not necessary to to enable them to cancel.

Our Final Verdict

After looking at the product for ourselves, in addition to looking at the positives, and even negatives, of this particular Samsung Transform Android Phone, we’re feeling that continues to be a really good smartphone that exist for your dad this Father’s day.

Also, with respect to the service type that you sign up for, this phone may very well be free for you personally – Making it hugely affordable for anybody. Plus, this phone is sold with free shipping at the same time.

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