Best android apps for toddlers 2012


Are you a parent of a young child? Do you own a smartphone? If you answered both of these questions with a “yes”, then chances are you sometimes give your smartphone to your kid just to keep him or her entertained.Fortunately, there are plenty of apps out there tailored with the little ones in mind, and many of them can be both educational and entertaining. Would you like to see which ones of them we have picked? Then just check out the slideshow below.Let me god son play with my Photon and he was playing Asphalt 6 and saw the option to buy a car upgrade pack. Thought it was with game money and well I looked and saw it was through the android market. Because it was In App purchase no way to refund lol. $19.99 lesson learned. If your going to let kids play games on your devices, put a purchase password on your account lol.

Green Eggs and Ham
A couple of weeks ago I went to pick up my kids from their daycare. It was very late, and I was the last parent to arrive. To my surprise, my kids were seating quietly with their teacher, listening to him read Dr. Seuss’s book – Green Eggs and Ham. I was under the impression that Dr. Seuss books are aimed for an older audience but it turns out that they could enjoy the easy repetitive manner of this book.
After seeing this, I figured it is time to give the Green Eggs and Ham toddler app a quick test drive, see if the kids can enjoy it as much as they enjoyed the paper version.The book is based on the Ocenhouse Media e-book platform (Ombook) which is one of the best in the business. Flipping the pages of the e-book is a breeze, the narration is professional and slow enough for a toddler to understand.
What happened when the kids used it?
Hearing the story was indeed a success and the kids enjoyed it very much. It may be due to the fact that it’s not the first time they hear the story but if this is the case, you can seat with your kids for the first time and help them with any challenge that may appear.
There are several reading modes for the e-book, I found that the autoplay mode works best with kids under the age of 3½. Manual modes did not work so well since toddlers tend to flip to the previous page, loosing the story-line and their interest soon after.One thing that I would like to mention is that my kids did not come back to visit this toddler app since I first introduced it. I’m not sure why is that.Green Eggs and Ham e-book by Dr. Seuss is a great story for children and can be used by kids above the age of 2½. You may want to provide some parental guidance below the age of 3½. The app is well built, the story is “toddler compatible” and I can recommend it as a best toddler app without any hesitation

Sound Touch

One of the oldest methods of making a simple toddler app is throw together several images of animals/vehicles/objects, make them play a sound once they are touched and you have a toddler app. Because the development threshold is so low, there are many versions of this kind of app in the App stores. Therefore, we thought it would be a great idea to collect 3 of the best apps of this genre, try them out and report the results back to you. This is the third and last installment of the series, review of an app called Sound Touch.This toddler app provides 5 screens of objects which makes sounds: House animals, vehicles, wild animals, birds and musical instruments. This dispersion is optimized for a toddler which is just learning and experiencing sights and sounds. Unfortunately, this app has the same short cumming of its peer, Zoola which is: after tapping, you can hear the sound of the object but there is no narration telling you what is that you are hearing. Young kids does not necessarily know all their musical instruments and all types of vehicles and animals.Sound Touchuses clip-arts for the main index pages and real life photos for the inner animal/vehicle/musical-instrument pages. The photos are vivid and colorful but the clip-art is not consistent, making us believe it was collects from several generic clip-art reservoirs making it look a little cheap.What happened when the kids used it? The kids had fun seeing the different animal & vehicle pictures. They also appreciated the fact that each animal or vehicle has several images that are changing upon click. The kids spent a little less than 10 minutes with the app which is a long period for a toddler to stay focused on one app. This was mainly because of the versatile image bank Sound Touch provides. Good form.
This review concludes this series and I’m happy to say that Sound Touch is the best app of this genre according to the kids preference. It held the attention of the young-lings and was rich in content deserving a four star grade. However, costing $4.99 for the iPad and iPhone versions is really excessive for this type of app. For comparison, it’s a small world which is the best toddler app we have reviewed up till this point, costs $3.99 (!!!) and my guessstimation is that they needed to invest X20 more resources in order to produce the animation and soundtrack it has. If Sound Touch would reduce their price to a more reasonable $1-$2 we would have our-self a winner

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