Best android apps for web developers 2012


Android is an Operating System developed for Mobile Devices. It is the modified version the Linux Kernel. It is a popular belief that Android has been developed by Google, but on the contrary Android has been developed by Android Inc. which was later taken over by Google. The number of devices working on Android is growing exponentially. It has been increasing day-by-day. The reason being its versatility and the processing speed. The mobile OS industry has been shaping up lately with the introduction of this competitor in the market.

Currently, Android and iOS are the biggest competitors. Almost everyone loves Apple and its firmware because of the various Apps that it provides. These apps come in handy for many users. On the same lines, Android now has some of the best Applications which are on par with the iOS Apps. Android Apps are now gaining popularity like a wildfire. Take for example Instagram, it has been one of the biggest hits between the users. People love playing games and everyone seems to love that on Android phones. This can be proved with the huge hit of play shop apps on Google Play.

Most of the Technological advances help in saving time and burden of the people. Android Apps have just proven that for the web developers and designers for whom there are infinite apps which help them do their work on the go. Be it giving some effects on different photographs, choosing colors or just plain coding or in case you want to learn something, Android Apps has everything. In this post we are publishing 25 Really Useful Android Apps for Web Designers and Developers. Hope these help you to save your time and efforts while doing your future projects.

Since the original iPad’s release, the device has come under fire from, frankly, died-in-the-wool PC fans, claiming it’s for consumption only. Anyone who’s used an iPad – or, for that matter, a capable smartphone or alternative tablet – knows that’s hogwash. Sure, few designers want to set fire to their PCs or Macs and go mobile-only, but when you are away from your set-up, the current generation of apps enables you to work while on the go. And when you’re surrounded by all your technology, the best apps can still inspire and prove useful. With the help of designers and developers, we unearth 20 of the best.


Touchqode brings software development tools to your smartphone. Now you can scan through, edit and fix your source code anywhere and anytime. It has features like syntax highlighting, code suggestions, integrated FTP client, incremental search, file synchronization, running simple scripts.

Eval Your Javascript

Enter your javascript code in text box, and click eval, to obtain the result. A simple tool which might be useful in checking with javascript while you commute, or doing some simple maths.

Color Pal

Quickly browse and search through the most popular and newest color palettes. Easily find color palettes and schemes for any design project. Whether you’re a web designer or just looking to paint your son’s room, you’ll find some of the best color palettes/schemes available. Included are the HEX, RGB and CMYK color values which you can quickly email to for easy reference.

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