Best Android Strategy Games


Slicing fruit, tossing wild birds and doodling around aren’t the kind of games that appeal to you. The thing you need is really a thinking man’s game, one which starts you from worthy enemies which will decimate you with one wrong move.If you feel good strategy games are restricted to bulky computer systems, reconsider. Listed here are a couple of strategy games that ought to help you flex your cognitive abilities.

1. Battle for Mars (lite, $4.99 to purchase)

Advanced Wars as being a Manufacturers exclusive, many devs have searched for to duplicate this excellent game into other platforms. Here’s the version for Android featuring Earthlings versus Martians.

2. Crusaders (United kingdom&pound2.47)
Offering itself like a &ldquoproper&rdquo RTS, this really is type of just like a historic Warcraft with knights in combat fighting within the hot sands or even the Near East.

3. Defend Homeland (demo, United kingdom&pound0.59 to purchase)
A vintage RTS with tanks and infantries. Make sure to buy oil trucks to maintain your money flowing!

4. European War ($2.99)

This can be a Risk-type game set throughout the 18th and 19th centuries. Conquer your opponents with musketeers, cavalry and cannons.

5. Everlands HD (lite, United kingdom&pound1.49 to purchase, HD version here)

Don’t allow the cartoony creatures fool you this can be a full-on turn-based strategy game. Each animal includes a different attack so make certain you are able to defeat all your opponent’s minions before he devours yours.

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