Best android tablet dock app


i lately acquired a universe tab 7 (first gen, running 2.2) along with a pier.what i’d really enjoy is plug it in to the pier and also have it start managing a twitter and/ or facebook application, and the screen from switching off. using as an extra monitor devoted to twitter and facebook posts while charging. i have experienced the application store and haven’t found even more than an application that keeps time displayed just like a clock when docked.

i am unsure this is actually the best spot to publish this because there’s no ‘tablet’ section, however i usually get my issues resolved on TSG.You will find very couple of add-ons for the Android pills since the marketplace is so fragmented. Producers will have to either spend lots of cash on the dozen different types or limit their sell to a really small slice of the already really small Android tablet market. That you can do some Google searches to ascertain if some obscure manufacturer includes a pier for that old Universe Tab. You will need to be certain you are purchasing something for that old model because the brand new one has the identical title.There is no “application to manage an application”. You will find already Facebook applications. You’d just launch one and then leave it on. You can most likely look for a generic stand for this and perhaps an application that stops the screen from dimming or switching off. But when it isn’t blocked in, you’ll drain battery inside a couple of hrs. If you would like an additional monitor for the computer, you will find USB powered monitors available you could connect with any computer. Then you may run multiple monitors and then leave Twitter or Facebook on it.okay, sorry, did not know of the android section – does not seem like i’m able to move it, guess it requires moderator.i really possess a pier for this that actually works great, i saw some applications that whenever you plug named right into a pier named becomes an noisy alarms. i had been just wondering if there have been other applications which do such like, and perhaps i’ll locate one if this publish will get gone to live in the right forum. worst situation scenario is i simply hit a couple of extra buttons when the tablet is docked.Searching for an excellent Vehicle Pier application that is something stock Android must have had forever ago. I understand HTC has an excellent one and Samsung has one (Haven’t seen videos from the GS3 vehicle pier application yet though)Does anybody make use of a Vehicle Pier application? I have seen a few within the play store but I am just wondering what an excellent the first is.In Addition, I know I’m able to just obtain a launcher and also have my entire screen in landscape but I am not just a fan from the homescreen redraws that has a tendency to happen.

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