Best android tethering app free


Last year, carriers began blocking free tethering apps on the Android platform, leaving users in the lurch.

But a recent court ruling stipulated that Verizon must provide users the ability to use third-party tethering apps at no additional costs. Therefore, using your phone as a Wi-Fi hotspot is going to get easier for many of us.

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Mobile hotspot devices like the Verizon MiFi allow users to connect to a cellular network. But having to carry an extra device can be a pain, and is less convenient than connecting with your always-present smartphone.

We’ve rounded up five free tethering apps for your Android device. Each lets you connect to your cellular network without rooting your phone, so you can surf the web on your own personal hotspot easily and without breaking the bank.

Have a tethering app you can’t live without? Tells us what you think of these tools in the comments.

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