Best Android widgets for the Samsung


Becoming an who owns a Samsung Universe Note, you might have experienced some little inconveniences if this involves being able to access a particular application when you should utilize it immediately. Due to the Universe Note’s rather lcd screen, its a little taxing to tap and switch through screens simply to launch an application. This is why icons were created.If you’re not really keen on icons, you should attempt thinking about with a couple to create your existence simpler and much more comfortable. With only a tap, you are able to launch an application from your homescreen. We have listed the best icons which will best opt for the Samsung Universe Note when it comes to performance and appearance. Continue reading and perhaps you will be convinced to take advantage of those little assistants.

Multicon Widget

Like putting all of your commonly used applications in your desltop? Multicon Widget may be the widget that does just that. It allows you have convenience at its finest by placing the applications that are important to for your desltop, helping you save from more tapping and flipping simply to access a particular application.This widget provides you with a choice of putting applications by ones, twos, fours, eights, twelves, and sixteens. You’re able to set the amount of posts and rows the widget must have, providing you with much control how you would like your applications to become arranged. If you do not enjoy the feel and look from the regular application dimensions, this widget will certainly provide you with a large amount of variation, you may even consider placing the majority of your installed applications in your homescreen.Multicon Widget looks and processes great around the Universe Note. Wider screens means wider spaces, enough with this widget to maximise its full capacity.

Data Enabler Widget

It truly is an excellent luxury with an awesome phone such as the Samsung Universe Note. We obtain to perform a many things with this particular phone and tablet hybrid one of these is browsing the web. Social networks like Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr have grown to be staples to many people, so being able to access them a lot more than 3 times per week is really a fair average. Using the Universe Note, an information connection, along with a widget which makes toggling data simpler, being able to access these websites can be achieved even daily.Data Enabler Widget, because the title indicates, toggles your computer data connection inside a faster and much more convenient way. With this particular widget in your homescreen, tapping towards the configurations from the phone is no more needed. Additionally you don’t have to lengthy press the energy button to allow your computer data connection, since with only one tap about this widget, your mobile data connection will be enabled.The widget does not take much space in your desltop. It isn’t not big enough and never too big, the perfect size for tapping. This could save you time from moving using your phone simply to enable your computer data connection. Not to mention, this widget obtainable free of charge in the Google Play Store.

Evernote Widget
Everyone knows how great of the application Evernote is. It is among the most helpful applications the Google Play Store needs to offer and perhaps among the best available. If you’re a fan of the application, have you considered getting its widget, too? Evernote Widget in your homescreen is a factor you need to and should have. Seriously.The designers, Evernote Corp., chose to make this widget with the hope of supplying customers the very best experience of using Evernote. Do be aware, you’ll want the Evernote application placed on your Universe Note that you should have the ability to make use of this widget. You are able to choose from a little widget or perhaps a large widget for the homescreen. The little widget enables you to definitely create new text, snapshot, or audio notes, and directs you to definitely the search screen. The big widget has got the same options because the small widget, plus clips from the notes you’ve lately seen.Personalization from the widget can also be possible. You are able to set the note styles, bar buttons, and much more. Evernote Widget along with the Evernote application are indispensable must-haves for Android customers, especially Universe Note proprietors.

BeautifulBattery Disc

The Universe Note is really a beautiful device by having an equally beautiful display. Getting stated this, placing beautiful icons on it is only probably the most rational factor to complete. Turning your phone into eye-chocolate can be simply done especially if you have probably the most stunning wallpapers and, obviously, icons.Beautiful Battery Disc widget isn’t just all talk. Yes, it is probably the most beautiful battery icons an Android user might have. Among its gorgeous and straightforward design, this widget does not come short if this involves its function. It will how it is designed to do: display the rest of the battery your phone has. This widget doesn’t only reveal that but additionally informs the temperature of the battery both in levels Celsius and levels Fahrenheit and also the battery’s current and health too. You may also personalize what size you would like your widget to become, either 1&times1 or 2&times2.

This widget also is available in another color, the gorgeous Battery Disc Whitened widget. These two icons are totally free. Getting something as beautiful because this widget because of not just one cent is a factor you should not miss.

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