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Best new Android apps of the month

An apple a day keeps the doc away. But, an Android app a day keeps the blues away.

In the month of July, we saw a surge in new and fresh Android apps that will keep you downloading and installing, and sometimes charging your credit card, and sometimes maxing out your Android’s internal or external storage. We are as hooked to Android apps as you are; so hooked, in fact, that one of these days we might commission an app developer to create an Android up just to cure us of our Android app addiction.

That very same addiction gave birth to this massive list of hand-picked new and fresh Android apps released in July. This is a mix of different types of apps, but you’ll see that game apps remain popular among both app developers and users alike.

Get to know 38 of the best new Android apps of the month of July. At the end of this long list, we’ll tell you what we liked best from this bunch.

The Dark Knight Rises

Have you seen the movie The Dark Knight Rises? I haven’t but I was able to get a glimpse of the story by playing The Dark Knight Rises game on my Android device. This game was inspired by Christopher Nolan’s Trilogy of the Dark Knight. Instead of watching the movie, why not immerse yourself in the story by playing the role of Batman with this game. You will be amazed with the game’s 3D realistic display. You can control Batman and explore the vast city of Gotham.

Let’s not forget the best part of this game-beating up the bad guys. You, as Batman, will face missions to keep the peace and order in Gotham City. Deal with bank robberies, hostage scenes, jailbreaks, and many other crimes that keep the Dark Knight busy. Use your high-tech bat gadgets to help you save the day. Throw your Batarang to knock out your enemies from a distance. Reach high buildings and grab enemies with your Grapnel. You can also use your Bat-Pod to explore the big city. You will also have to face Bane, your main enemy in the game, who threatens the safety of Gotham City.

Since the game features high-definition 3D displays, you will be need to download a massive 1.79 GB file on your Android device. It took me around 10-20 minutes to download the whole game from the Google Play Store. You also have to prepare US$6.00 from your wallet to download the game.

But, actually playing the game for a few minutes, I could say that the wait and the price was certainly worth it. I enjoyed the games effects like the rain and the slow-motion actions when attacking enemies. I noticed some lag while playing the game, but it doesn’t bother me at all. The overall game experience is good and very addicting.

Inotia 4

Top game developer Com2uS has once again released a new game called Inotia 4, the successor of Inotia 3: Children of Carnia, and packs improved graphics and additional features. I was able to play both games and I can say that Inotia 4 brings improved graphics compared to its previous version. This game will let you follow the quest of Kiyan, the brave warrior from the Shadow tribe, and Eara, the hero of the Channel of the Light, as they face the various challenges in their way.

Just like in Inotia 3, you can choose different hero types, each with a unique build and skill set. You can select up to 6 characters: Black Knight, Warlock, Assassin, Priest, Ranger, and Warrior. Each class has its own unique set of skills and you can choose which skills you can teach your hero. You can also customize each hero by increasing the stat points and equipping various items.

I noticed the huge improvements in the graphics compared to the earlier version. The game looks refined and runs smoothly on a Galaxy S3. You can also experience some added effects while attacking the monsters and doing a critical attack. The game also packs additional stunning animations when performing skills.

The game can be downloaded for free from the Google Play Store, but comes with ad support. Ads pop out occasionally when you open the main menu. You can enjoy an ad-free version by upgrading the game for about a dollar. The game also offers a limited number of items from its shop. Some items can be purchased by using gems. You can get one by exchanging your real money for gems.

Overall gaming experience was excellent. The game ran smoothly and did not give us any bugs or force closes.

I don’t have good memory especially in remembering my friends’ birthdays. That’s why I frequently open my Facebook account to check my friends’ birthdays. But, with the help of the MyCalendar Free app, I can now check my friends’ birthdays without having to open my Facebook account. All their birthdays are displayed on a calendar-like user-interface directly on my Android device.

In order for the app to display your friend’s birthday, first import your birthday list from your Facebook account. You can do this by logging in to your Facebook account. The app will then automatically post your friends’ birthdays in a calendar-like user interface. You can even set your partner’s anniversary date and never forget to surprise your partner during your anniversary.

The app also allows you to send your birthday message directly from the app. You won’t need to open your Facebook just to send your birthday greetings. You will never miss a birthday and you’ll be able to greet your friends, hassle-free, with the MyCalendar Free app.

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