Best Blogging Apps for Android Phones


Writers everywhere rejoiced once they no more needed to be chained for their laptops as well as their desktop computers. Now in a position to blog from Android mobile products, like phones and pills, writers can capture a full day-to-day existence increase things because they happen.With the amount of blogging applications around the Android Marketplace, it’s tough to select which of them you need to opt for. To assist narrow your choices, we present our top chioces for that 6 best blogging apps for Android phones and pills.

Tumblr is really a microblogging platform which enables customers to publish text, images, video links, and quotes for their tumblelog. Additionally, it enables customers to follow along with other tumblelogs they like and also to view their posts around the Dashboard. It’s also easy to reblog posts to ensure that it turns up on users’ own tumblelog.Aside from that, nevertheless the Tumblr application is capable of doing saving drafts, queuing posts, designing tweets, and much more. Additionally, it enables you to definitely manage your primary blog and many other blogs. One benefit of the Tumblr application with an Android device is you can find and follow people out of your address book.I

For writers who want to publish longer, mostly text-based records, then WordPress is perfect for you. The WordPress Android application continues to be developed to maintain the requirements of perfect and convenient smartphone blogging. The application is fast and sleek, but is most effective on pills. Blogging on mobile phones might be just a little difficult, because of the substantially more compact display.Much like its desktop counterpart, the WordPress application enables you to definitely create new posts, edit original copies, view blog statistics, and manage comments in your existing WordPress blogs. An advantage of the application is it supports both blogs and self-located WordPress blogs.


Blogger was created by Google, and due to this, it’s made the sign-up process simpler. You don’t need to produce a unique password-you should use your Google qualifications to sign in and begin blogging.The Blogger application includes features that permit early posting of news posts, adding pictures for your blog records, and labels. You may also give a place to all of you. If you have multiple blogs, don’t be concerned. The Blogger application enables you to definitely easily switch together.

If you have been a lengthy-time fan of LiveJournal, you won’t be disappointed. The state LiveJournal application provides you with quick access for your journal in the ease of your smartphone or tablet. Nearly just like its desktop counterpart, the application enables you to definitely publish records, manage comments, in addition to manage posts you’ve released.If you are on a journey and wish to chronicle how well you’re progressing, the LiveJournal application enables you to definitely compose drafts to ensure that you are able to publish the entire factor whenever you either complete your adventure or when you are prepared to share it together with your buddies.
You may also publish to towns. You don’t have to feel restricted to posting just word-based records since you can likewise incorporate photos, and make and publish polls.

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