Best Business Card Reader App for Android


Converts photos of business card printing into text and stores relevant contact details categorized inside your address book
Converts photo or image regardless of the sort of document right into a Pdf
Can translate documents into 54 different languages
Transmits documents to Google Paperwork, E-mail, Document folder and MMS
6 Supported Languages: British, German, French, The spanish language, Italian and Russian
‘Image to PDF’ & ‘Google Docs’ abilities
Augmented reality feature

Any full-fledged entrepreneur will appreciate DIOTEK’s MobiReader Professional. The applying is really a card & document OCR (Optical character recognition) that allows you instantly capture, document, and organize from business card printing and contacts to entire documents, easily and effectively.

The application dimensions are quite large. The APK is roughly 8.8MB after installation, it takes approximately 17MB of space for storage. This might prove challenging for customers with older phone models which have a restricted quantity of space for applications. MobiReader Professional is capable of doing realizing as much as 6 different languages, permitting you greater versatility when it comes to contacts management – that ought to result in the application size a little matter for customers nobody require a saw for managing contacts.

Transforming Business Card Printing

MobiReader Professional is effective like a card readers. It’s among the best I have seen and used. MobiReader Professional is ideal for customers who’re searching for something to handle and organise their business contacts on-the-go.To challenge the application, I pitted it against 3 in a different way title cards of various designs. I had been quite pleased with the end result. It had been very accurate, aside from a couple of minor mistakes. I am sure most OCR customers will make sure the data before saving them, therefore it should not be considered a problem. The application also appears to overlook some punctuation in some places, however i don’t believe it affects the general precision of key information. Great work here DIOTEK!It’s really super easy to capture a company card. Just choose &ldquoscan card&rdquo, align the credit card based on the guiding lines, also it instantly will the taking for you. If you like to by hand capture, you are able to switch off automatic capture within the configurations too.It is so easy to use, you may be taking cards inside a couple of seconds of application installation.When I pointed out above, minute errors occur from time to time. However, the company card holder view enables you to definitely see the taken title card inside a more organised manner. This view will certainly are more effective for most of us because it enables these to see all their cards in a couple of swipes.

Capture Documents & Become Text Or PDF
Aside from business card printing, MobiReader Professional may also capture documents and convert these to PDF. I have examined this and discovered it works more effectively in portrait, while taking in landscape could be carried out by tapping the document icon, which instantly tilts the guiding line 90 levels clockwise for panoramic mode. After taking a document, you are able to tell it to identify selected areas, allowing you to convert certain servings of your captures into text or pdf. Used it’s especially helpful, and that i found myself utilizing it during the day whenever I discovered a helpful bit of text which i desired to capture for later, or tell my buddies or co-workers.

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