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The iPhone is a treasure trove of information, but the “App Store” through iTunes can be daunting. There are literally hundreds of applications, and it’s tough to know which ones are worth owning and which ones aren’t worth a second look. After much trial and error (and lots of wasted money), here are the 10 best apps for conservatives. All prices listed are subject to change without notice.

1. Proud Republican
Price: $.99
Proud Republican is the best Republican app in the app store, period. Not only does it provide an in-depth “history lesson” on the GOP, it provides a list of local forums for like-minded users to communicate with one another. It, too, has a news aggregate from top conservative sites too numerous to mention. It also can use a built-in geo-locator to find users’ U.S. House and Senate representatives and provides them with contact information and links to their sites. All this would be enough to put it at the top of this list, but there’s one more perk: at least three dozen patriotic backgrounds. Although it’s called, “Proud Republican,” this app might just as well be called, “Proud Conservative.”

2. Conservative Talking Points
Price: $1.99
Without a doubt, Conservative Talking Points is the single most informative application on the iPhone for political conservatives. This app includes 50 topics and more than 250 individual talking points, all arranged in alphabetical order from abortion to welfare. Perhaps the best aspect of the application is that the points are concise enough to be read through quickly, yet detailed enough to thoroughly cover the subject. In most cases, examples are provided to provide additional insight. CTP is an extremely intuitive app that will continue to provide information on topical issues as it is periodically updated.

3. Conservative Pulse
Price: $.99
Conservative Pulse is one of the most straightforward apps on the list, and it is its simplicity that makes it one of the best. Most of the app is dedicated to the tweets of conservative leaders and commentators, as well as the Top Conservatives on Twitter (#TCOT). The last part of the app is an aggregate of top conservative web sites like FOX News, the Drudge Report, National Review, Politico, Townhall, Washington Times, CNS News and the Wall Street Journal (among others). Like many aggregate apps, users can view the article links within the application without having to navigate to safari to view the full web pages. The aptly named application truly puts users’ thumbs firmly on the pulse of the conservative movement.

4. Freedom 970
Price: FREE
It might seem odd to see an application for a Portland, Ore. radio station so high on this list, but when that radio station offers the Sean Hannity, Laura Ingraham and Mark Levin programs for free, it begins to make sense. When those programs are able to be streamed in your iPhone’s background, it makes even more sense. Nevertheless, the app does have room for improvement; for example, the podcast and text buttons were down during our review. Still, Freedom 970 is an excellent talk radio app. For those who want a little more (Rush, Michael Medved, Glenn Beck, etc.) and are willing to spring $2.99 for an app plus a subscription fee, check out “Talk!” by Centerus, Inc. For the price, though, Freedom 970 can’t be beat.

5. Conservative Update
Price: $.99
Conservative Update is perhaps the best conservative aggregate in the app store precisely because it doesn’t just offer conservative perspectives. In its “Views from the Right,” it offers a selection of headlines from the top conservative sites on the web, including National Review, Washington Times, Hot Air, RNC and Townhall. It also includes video from CSPAN and the White House. Finally — and here’s the best part — it also offers “Views from the Wrong,” which draws headlines from two top liberal sites on the web, and The Nation. What’s nice about this aspect of the app is that many conservatives want to see what the other side has to say … so they can prepare their arguments accordingly.

When I went through the news applications on App World, I noticed a lot of apps that I did not recognize. I know App World has a lot of political left-leaning applications available – Time, AP News, etc. – and was curious if anyone on this forum knows of any Conservative news applications or Right-leaning applications?The FOX News application or Alert application is just an alert icon. When there is a breaking story, the icon changes colors… That’s it. When you click on the icon it just takes you to their mobile webpage on the browser.Any other suggestions besides FOX News Icon Alert would be helpful. Thanks!You can also use Viigo (download free from CrackBerry store) to pull down whatever RSS feeds you like. Most sites have an RSS feed so you can probably get headlines and articles from your favorites without having to have an app for each one.
The lesson we learned from iPhone: People who can’t walk and chew gum at the same time don’t need a phone that can multitask…nobody likes a phone to be smarter than they are Go RIM, Go BlackBerry. BlackBerry rules!

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