Best educational, android apps for teachers 2012


Professionals in nearly every industry have benefited greatly over the past few years from the rise of mobile hardware and applications. Teachers at every rung of the educational ladder have found that their effectiveness and productivity increases substantially with the use of mobile apps. More so than practically any other platform, Android makes the teaching experience less stressful and far more fulfilling for both students and instructors alike. Below you’ll find five exemplary apps for Android that will help any teacher realize their full potential.


The Edmodo service is one of the best ways for both teachers and their pupils to exchange ideas, collaborate on projects and get help when they need it most. With 7.2 million users and counting, Edmodo is sort of like a smaller educational version of Facebook. Edmodo’s mobile app for Android gives instructors the power to stay in touch with their classes on the go, upload material and answer questions regardless of time or location. Free to install and use, it’s one of the best educational apps on Google Play.


As one of the premier open source Course Management Systems available on the web, Moodle is a favorite of educators across the nation. Thanks to its intuitive interface and powerful functionality, Moodle is a great way for teachers to structure courses and provide assistance to students. Mbot is a hassle-free tool for administering Moodle course materials from your smart phone or tablet. It’s completely free to install and use, and it manages to pack nearly all of the functionality of the desktop-based version onto the small screen.

Tape-a-talk Voice Recorder

Though educators go out of their way to make themselves available to their students, there are limits to how much time and attention they can dole out during any given day. Making lectures and class recordings available online to help students who need to catch up or review old material is a smart move. Tape-a-talk allows teachers to record their classes and upload them to the web easily. Featuring high and low quality recording options, Dropbox integration and much more, it’s one of the best free recorder apps available on the market.

Flashcards Maker Pro

Though it’s not free, Flashcards Maker Pro is worth every penny for both students and teachers who need to create flashcards in a flash. Students can rely on FMP to help them memorize and retain information, and teachers can use it to compose notes for presentations and lectures. Flashcards Maker Pro supports speech to text dictation, text to speech playback, gesture recognition and more. For a mere $4.95, it’s one of the best values you can find in the educational app arena.

OneNote Mobile

While everybody could use a mobile notetaking app that’s capable of incorporating text, photos and video clips, teachers tend to be especially reliant on notebook programs. While most users instinctively think of Evernote when it comes to notetaking programs, Microsoft’s OneNote is an equally appealing alternative that offers far more storage space for free. With a SkyDrive account, users can sync their OneNote collections across multiple computers and devices. SkyDrive delivers 7 GB of storage, which far exceeds the relatively limited space available from Evernote’s free version.

Parting Words

The most appropriate apps for any given teaching professional will necessarily depend on the subject they teach and their own unique instructional style. However, all of the above programs will generally work wonders for any teacher regardless of their specialty. Best of all, the majority of the educational apps from Google Play are 100% free to download and use. Whether you’re using these flexible and powerful applications for classroom instruction, lesson planning, project coordination or grading, they’ll make any teacher’s life much easier in the long run.

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