Best educational apps for teachers


After the iPod revolutionized how society listened to music and the iPhone pushed the boundaries of smartphone technology, the iPad stands poised to alter the face of mobile computing. Many have praised its potential to make personal and professional lives that much easier – and that certainly includes the education industry!Teachers with a love of technology and a passion for nurturing the minds of their students can easily discover creative ways to incorporate the iPad into the daily routine, and some of these great educational and organizational applications are bound to help them get started.

1. Teacher’s Assistant Pro

Perfect for busy teachers, Teacher’s Assistant Pro allows users to track students’ behaviors, infractions, and achievements quickly and easily. Incidents on student behavior and achievement can be documented in real time and reports can be sent to parents and administrators instantly via email. Organizing important documents is also simple and clutter free. The app can be customized to fit your classroom needs.

2. Outliner
Outliner serves a couple of different uses for teachers, who can also discover their own creative applications the better acquainted they become with the interface. Users create and streamline lists and outlines for various projects, making this an excellent resource for writing up lecture notes, keeping grade sheets, drawing rubrics, and more. Because education is a dizzying field with much to organize and track, any workers with access to an iPad should take advantage of Outliner’s offerings to stay on top of everything.

3. Sundry Notes
Not only does Sundry Notes serve a valuable organizational purpose, it also costs nothing as well! With the ability to import .pdf files, format writings, make quick drawings, run searches of Wikipedia, Google, and Google Books, snag images off the internet, make recordings, and much more, educators need to download this application to help keep everything they need for class organized in one place. Math teachers will especially enjoy the ability to work on virtual graph paper.

4. Docs Anywhere

As its nomenclature implies, Docs Anywhere allows iPad users a high degree of portability for their digital documents. Capable of reading Word, Excel, PowerPoint, .pdf files, rich text, plain text, HTML, and other file formats, it allows transfer between desktop and portable device using USB and iTunes. Teachers who prefer working on their home machines can very easily transport their work to the classroom on their iPads, which also provides e-mailing capabilities for an added dimension of file preservation.

5. eClicker

The listed site is for the eClicker client, though users may need or prefer to download a host instead. Marketed towards teachers, the application features a means of polling classes during lectures by sending a signal via wi-fi to any enabled device in the room. This allows for immediate feedback, and educators are able to save the information for later reference – even editing! eClicker also allows the ones responsible for polling the ability to kick up their questionnaires with drawings and images.Last year we presented “10 of the best apps for education,” which highlighted some of the best apps for iPhones and iPods. However, with new upgrades in touch technology, HD and 3D features, and the debut of the iPad, we’ve come up with a new list of the best Apple-based education apps for 2012.This year’s list includes some of the most highly rated apps, both by teachers and by Apple, and features a range that spans from simple math games to a revolutionary special-education app, and from 3D imaging of the elements included in the periodic table to secure file sharing for students and teachers.For every app we’ve listed, we’ve included a brief description, device compatibility, suggested use, features, price, and a link to a more in-depth summary with an option to purchase on iTunes.

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