Best Entertainment and Media Apps for Android Honeycomb Tablets


Honeycomb pills are equipped for stunning pictures, there’s without doubt about this. The effective graphics chipsets, large HD-capable screens as well as multichannel audio capacity make sure they are well suited for watching trailers, videos and shows. Not just that, it’s handy enough for use being an e-book readers and more.

1. MoboPlayer (free)

Plays everything and whatever you can throw it. It is the best media player for Android, as well as for Honeycomb too. Certainly something you require to set up in your tablet.Special mention: DicePlayer, which utilizes hardware acceleration to decode audio and video. Give it a try, it states it uses less battery and may play full 720p. The good thing is it’s Honeycomb supported. Because of Liperty below for that tip!

2. Ustream (free)
Watch live video anywhere, whenever with Ustream. From live radio shows to sports occasions, it’s like TV and more.

BONUS: Plex ($4.99)
For those who have plenty of media and wish to watch it straight from your tablet, Plex is something you will certainly need. Although it needs some establishing as well as an additional application running on your pc, it showcases the best steps you can take on the tablet. Make sure to browse the description to experience how it works.

3. Movies by Flixster (free)
Watch trailers, read reviews and catch showtimes. It is the application you have to increase your theatre going experience.

4. IMDb (free)
Your all-access pass to everything and everything proven around the giant screen (and small screen too). Get celebrity info, TV recaps, honours and trivia concerning the latest movies and most popular stars.

5. QELLO for Tablet (free application, one month rental for $4.99)
Skipped that concert? Do not worry, Qello has it entirely HD glory. Now you don’t have to be groupie to obtain that backstage pass.

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