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Brian Sawyer is an editor for O’Reilly Media’s Head First division and the co-author of Best Android Apps: The Guide for Discriminating Downloaders. The following is based in part on content from the book.

Wherever you are, if you find yourself alone and in need of entertainment, you’ll likely reach for your Android phone. Of course your phone is already a great MP3 player, but it can be so much more. This roundup will help you turn your mobile into a portable entertainment center.

You’ll find apps for syncing your media library, playing your own music and video, streaming radio and online video, listening to podcasts and audiobooks, watching TV, reading books and magazines — even controlling your desktop media remotely from your phone. In all, these 10 apps (and a few significant honorable mentions) should provide you with a much richer media entertainment experience than you might have thought possible with Android.You definitely should have mentioned Subsonic. It is a server/client for streaming your music collection (and has capabilities to do video with some work, too) to your phone, your friends’ phones, and other computers. Subsonic obliterates this Rhapsody crap, sorry.I never got Listen to work. I instaled it, used it for about a month. Worked perfect. The it wouldn’t refresh non of my suscriptions. Went to the user group, post my issue but got no word back. Its sad, loved the ease of having my podcast sync directly to my phone with out more steps. Using doble twist now. Will se how it goes

Movies, plays, sports or concerts, BookMyShow helps you with the booking tickets at your desired location. It saves you a lot of time and most importantly makes the entire process of booking desired tickets a piece of cake.

MX Video Player
As the name suggests, this one is a video player app for your Android device which includes some sweet features like multi-core decoding (if available on your device) to improve the performance. It also includes CPU optimization, pinch to zoom for videos, subtitle scroll and supports various formats.

A mobile TV application which includes all the favorite TV channels and on-demand TV content. It is a free app for live TV streaming over 2G/3G and WiFi connections.

A truly amazing audio player app for Android which has a really impressive equalizer. It supports various audio formats, supports lyrics, has 4 different widgets and is incredibly smooth and user friendly. Although the trial version does include many of the key features it also has a full version which is priced at Rs. 262.

XBMC for Android
This is a media player for your photos, music and videos on your Android devices or Internet. XMBC is a great media center application across various platforms (including PC, Mac and Linux) and is now also available for your Android devices.

Hungry, need to a find a new place around your location for home delivery at maybe you are just at some new place and are looking for a good restaurant. Zomato is the app which will help you with on the three basic necessities. You can browse through every restaurant’s menu and give them a call directly from the app.

If you like TED talks this is an app which you would love to have on your device. It includes more than 1200 TED videos and is the mobile app for everything TED.

Marvel Comics

All the new comics from Marvel are right here in this official Marvel Comics app. Some of them are also available for free, just like IRL you can also subscribe to your favorite comics. The app can be downloaded for free.

I’ve long used WinMobile phones to listen to streaming internet radio. As MS appears to be about to turn its platform into an imitation of the first generation iPhone, complete with walled garden and no copy-and-paste, I’m looking hard at Android. One thing I’ve not seen any apps for is playing the multitude of music formats: mp3, wma, AAC, etc. What’s available to play both local and streamed music? (I don’t care as much about video, though it’s nice.)

Also, is there anything like Pocket Informant, a commercial app for WinMo that does more with the Outlook data than MS ever bothered to make possible (even on the desktop)?

There’s a whole shopping list of essential apps I’d want – something like Pocket Quicken (itself on its final release, since Intuit has ended the developer’s right to make new versions), a good POP3 mail client, a password wallet, a PGP app, a checklist program for making shopping lists, an advanced calculator with financial and scientific modes, and a remote control app for pcAnywhere (a dinosaur itself).

Show me where all those things are, and I’ll jump off the sinking ship WinMo – even tho’ I finally retired my old XV6600 – the last WinMo phone with a full-sized Pocket PC screen – for an HTC TouchPro 2 just half a year ago.

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