Best family productivity apps 2012


You have finally upgraded to an iPhone or one of those cool new Android phones but you miss your old PDA; you know, the device you turned to for all your appointments, urgent tasks, shopping lists, and anything else that needed to get done.

Well, no need to worry. There are some terrific apps for both the iOS and Android platforms that will get you up and running in no time at all. And they won’t just organize your life; with these apps you can keep track of the whole family’s schedules and to-do lists, whether they want you to or not!

With the tag line “Remember Everything”, EverNote turns your phone into the ultimate digital archive by collecting written notes, photos, web pages, and even voice commands, and then making them all available through a simple search. Everything you capture is automatically processed and indexed. You can even add tags or organize notes into different notebooks.You can search for notes by keywords, titles and tags. You can even search for text inside images. Want to capture contact information from a web site? Just clip the page from your browser and it will store the details. Don’t want to take notes at a meeting? Just take a picture of the whiteboard and it will file all the information.

Cozi Family Organizer
A true family organizer with the emphasis on sharing. Cozi keeps track of all your family appointments, activities, and events, organizing them into four distinct categories: calendar, to-do list, shopping, and family journal.You can get everyone on the same page by setting up a shared online calendar. Calendar appointments in your phone are then synced automatically. Family members are color-coded and each member can be sent e-mail notifications showing all their activities for the day or week ahead. To-do lists can also be shared – very helpful when assigning the weekly chores!The Family Journal can be used to make notes and capture memories. You can add photos and even turn it into a family blog that can be shared with relatives and friends.


Described as a beautifully crafted task manager, 2Do has an endless supply of options for organizing tasks. But the good news about 2Do is that it adapts to both serious and casual users. You don’t have to use some of the more complex scheduling and organizing functions; you can keep it simple and still get so much out of it.Features include iCal-compatible (Mac) calendar-based organization, user-created tags, super-flexible options for repeating tasks, a focus-filter, and an alert function, which includes an option to receive e-mail notices. There is even a location-aware feature, so the app can remind you to fix that creaky door the next time you visit grandma.

I used to be a freelancer, I juggled multiple clients, a university social life, and when ever I wasn’t asleep attending the occasional class. Keeping your personal life, business life and family life all in order can be a challenge on the best of days. I used to use journals and Post-IT Notes to try and keep my life in order, but when I got my iPhone I found nearly any app can save you time in the right situation and I’ve set out to create a top 100 list.Managing a busy household can be challenging to say the least. Juggling appointments, extra-curricular activities, deadlines, meetings and other commitments require busy moms to use a rock-solid personal organization system. Perhaps you’ve purchased your shiny new Smartphone, and now you’re ready to rev up your productivity — but where do you start?

Good news — there’s plenty of productivity apps at the App Store to kick start your family’s personal productivity. Whether you want to get things done more quickly, never miss an important event or appointment, or free up your time so you can take a minute to relax — there’s an app for you.

The productivity experts at LightArrow, Inc. created a list of our seven favorite apps based on the simple idea of making life easier for you and your family. We hope this helps you get started!

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