Best fashion shopping apps


From the latest runway shows to what to wear for the weather, we’ve selected the best fashion apps for your iPhone.

1. ShopStyle Mobile

Bring together 300 retail stores and this app is what you get. Compare prices of clothes for men, women, kids, or even compare prices of furniture. I love the convenience of being able to shop by price, size, even color; definitely my favorite fashion app!;

View the latest and top runway shows from around the world. The big downside is that the videos won’t be “optimal” unless you are connected to wi-fi. I could never get the video to play at all. The slideshow photos, however, are brilliant and well worth the download. You can even click through to see the review for each designer. Free.

3. Trendstop Trendtracker

Find out the next trend before it’s even out there with help from predictions of people in the top of the fashion industry. A great place to see crazy “trends” like oversized fabric chains or see-through bombers, that will probably never make it into your local department store. Free.

4. Target
Browse through Target products, find out what aisle products are on, or even scan barcodes for more product info while shopping in the store. If you want to buy anything with your iPhone, you’ll have to click through the website at Free.

5. Stylecaster

This app not only tells you what the weather is outside but also what to wear for the weather too so you’ll never make another weather related fashion mistake again. Sort of a pain to have to register after you’ve downloaded it. The day I tried it, it was 97 and they gave me a “Daily Look” of layered denim jacket and floor-length skirt which was definitely NOT appropriate for scorching heat (although two of the other looks were.) Free.

6. Elle Shopping Guide
Find where to shop in 10 major U.S. cities with this handy shopping guide. I found myself more than a little annoyed by the constant pop-up ad, though. Free.

7. TouchCloset
It’s a virtual view of your very own closet so you can plan outfits no matter where you are. Of all the apps, this one is potentially the most useful for me when it comes to remembering what I already own and coordinating new purchases; the downside is that it is very time consuming to photograph and categorize everything you own. $.99

8. Sartorialist

The iPhone app of the famous website downloads well-dressed people from all over the world for you to flip through for fashion inspiration. You can save the pics to camera roll or share on Facebook. Free.

9. Zara by Inditex
Lets you see all the new arrivals at Zara, which is one of my favorite stores for cute, trendy, affordable clothes. The downside is that it’s really just for browsing, because there’s no click-through to the site to buy each item (and if there was, I couldn’t find it easily.)

10. Love It or Lose It

Lets you send pictures of clothes to friends or the Love It or Lose it community before you purchase so you’ll always be able to get a second opinion before you wear. Also great for armchair fashionistas who want to give their opinion on other users’ clothes. $.99.

Not got time to hit the shops and get your retail therapy dose this week, don’t despair girls, I have compiled a list of the best apps for busy fashionistas on the go. So take out your iPads, iPhones and iPod touches and get downloading.

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