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Do you love food? We do. But there’s a thin line between people who love to eat and those who love to prepare them. If you’re on the latter side, then you are a foodie. Foodie is an informal term specifically intended for aficionados of food and drinks. Foodies are always on the lookout for new recipes, restaurants, ingredients, nutritional values and just about anything related to food.But, did you know that you can use your Android device to help you become the certified foodie that you want to be? There are lots of apps on Google Play that you can use to keep you well grounded in your passion for food. Hence, we present to you the best Android apps for foodies like me and you. Enjoy!

Recipe Search
Recipe Search is one of the most popular food apps on the Google Play Store. It is brought to you by, one of the Internet’s leading food websites. The app brings almost every conceivable recipe in the world at your fingertips.Just to illustrate, there are over 70 thousand recipes in the database. The recipes are text-based, video-based, and are conveniently categorized so you can jump right into your favorite category without wasting any time searching. Just about every kind of dish, like main courses, appetizers, drinks, side dishes, desserts, exotic recipes, soups, stews, and diet recipes are covered, and no category is left unexplored. That means that wherever you are in the world, the app will always have something for you with its near inexhaustible collection of recipes.You can also browse for recipes by ingredients and food titles. Bookmark your favorite recipes, share them with friends, create your own recipes and share them, create savable shopping lists, and a lot more. This app will keep your appetite ever increasing, so be sure to get it.

Food Planner
Food Planner is probably the best way to plan your meals, shopping frenzies, and cooking sessions on your Android device. But, the best thing about Food Planner is that you can sync all your collections between multiple devices, so you don’t have to start all over again.The app allows you to schedule meals for the whole day and even for the week, so you know just what you intended to cook at a particular time. You can put in your own recipes or choose from the provided ones on the app.The recipes are sourced from multiple websites, so you already have all the choices you need. You can also create shopping lists. This leaves you well-prepared for what you want to buy the next time you go to the supermarket. You can even plan on what days you want to go shopping. Food Planner is a must-have app on your Android buddy.

Meal Plans – Food on the Table
A top rated app on the Google Play Store, Meal Plans – Food on the Table app does two things. First, it lets you plan your meals. And second, it helps you save your money. Okay, so how?It collects sales information from your local supermarket and brings the info straight into your Android device. Then, it searches for recipes that include the items on sale, so that you don’t have to buy the other expensive stuff. Plus, you can also create, organize and save grocery lists, thus saving you more time, energy, and money. Get the Meal Plan app right now and start saving and planning.

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Recent changes:
1.0.38 – Updated the following restaurants:

Carl’s Jr
Chick-fil-a, Chili’s
Chuck E Cheese’s
Cici’s Pizza
Dairy Queen
Del Taco
Dunkin’ Donuts
El Pollo Loco
Five Guys
Jack in the Box

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