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Stock Guru is a powerful stock analysis app for the iPad. The app provides thorough analysis of every stock aiding you in selling or buying stocks. The app helps you judge stocks based upon risk, valuation, financial strength, and momentum. Stock Guru includes over 6,700 stocks from NYSE, AMEX, NASDAQ, and over the counter stocks. For each stock you are given a guru rating, valuation rating, financial strength, momentum rating, stock screening, comprehensive financial data, risk score, risk percentile, risk return chart, sharpe ratio, sharpe percentile, risk volatility comparisons, and key stock data. The app provides a nice interface to work in and is loaded with tons of features. Stock Guru is fairly expensive, but is an app that should help you create some nice income. If you are looking to become your own stockbroker, then this is a great app to have. No app competes with its ability to analyze the stock market.

StockWatch is an app to help you track your stocks from your iPad. The function and purpose of the app is somewhat different from Stock Guru. While StockGuru is designed to help you make decisions in buying and selling stocks, this app is designed to help you track stocks you already own. StockWatch was featured by Apple in their iTunes Rewind 2010 as one of the best apps of 2010. The app allows you to create unlimited numbers of portfolios, watch-lists, and symbols for portfolios. It provides constantly updated prices, gains, costs, and values for your stocks. The app also provides news feeds and technical charts. StockWatch supports stock markets from the United States, Europe, and Asia. It’s loaded with great features and is built around a fantastic user interface. If you need to track stocks on your iPad, this is the app to have.

The CNBC Real-Time app for iPad is a great free app to stay up to date with the market in real time. The app features live stock quotes and charts. CNBC Real-Time includes historical interactive charts and a playlist of all of your favorite stocks. The app also has all of the latest news and alerts from CNBC that relate to the stock market. It also helps you when the market is closed by providing pre-market data and post-market data and how different stories will impact the market in the future. CNBC Real-Time also includes over 150 news clips each and every day. These clips are taken from the television broadcasts that are done each day. The interface is fantastic. The app is so well done that many would gladly pay for it. If you are in need of a great app to keep your eye on the stock market, this is a simply great one.

Stock TickerPicker is a great app for stock quotes, stock charts, and technical analysis. The app is universal so it will run on both your iPad and iPhone. The app was featured by Apple in the iTunes 2010 Rewind. The app has a simply great interface on the iPad and an equally great interface on the iPhone. The iPad app truly feels like an iPad app rather than a simply blown up iPhone app. Stock TickerPicker is one of the best ways to keep track of your stocks and check out some prospective stocks for purchase in the near future. It is an app that does more than one thing right, though the price keeps it out of our Essential category.

I can tell you from experience that there is no better feeling of making a couple hundred of dollars in profit through trading from your phone. As phones start to become more powerful, no longer do we need to launch some huge platform on our computer to start trading.
Thanks to the iPhone, there are several free and paid stock trading applications that will help you trade and/or research stocks.
Make sure to keep check the Apple Store as more and more finance related apps are being published every day.
List of the best free iPhone stock trading applications:
In no particular order.

1. Stocks
Why not start with the built-in application that came with the iPhone? While the first version lacked anything desirable, the latest updates have drastically improved the usability and data that can be sought through this app.

2. Bloomberg

If Bloomberg is part of your normal stock research sites, then why would you not want this application? Gain access to quotes, portfolios, advance charts, and all the other features that you are accustomed with on Bloomberg.

3. DailyFinance

Just like the Bloomberg, DailyFinance is backed by another large financial site, AOL Money & Finance. Find news, stock prices, and charts all in one place.

4. iStockManager

Manage your TD Ameritrade account directly from your iPhone using this application. Buy, sell, or add to your stock position. Get access to charts and real-time streaming quotes. With this application, you can literally make money from anywhere. There is also a BlackBerry version.

5. ChartsLive – Stock Charts

While there are several stock researching application out there, there has yet to be one really good app for stock charts. Thanks to ChartsLive, now you can use your favorite indicators and overlays to analyze your stock directly from your phone.

6. E*Trade Mobile Pro
Receiving huge praise from the Apple community, E*Trade Mobile Pro gives members and non-member alike access to streaming quotes, charts, and watch list. Obviously, E*Trade members can execute live trades using this application.

7. Virtual Stock Market Lite
ust because you are away from your computer does not mean you have to stop practicing your trade. Virtual Stock Market Lite allows you to paper trade directly on your iPhone. Practice your stock trading, while managing $100,000 paper money.

8. iSwim
Usually known has the “hip” stock brokerage, thinkorswim, is known for their dedication to offering quality stock trading tools and education. For a while now, their BlackBerry program has been the class of mobile trading, so would you expect anything less from thinkorswim?


A free application that allows you to grab all the news and quotes like you normally would from the web version of

10. Morningstar
Find out whether your stock has a bullish or bearish sentiment. Through this application you can gain access to some of the most commonly used features on the web version of Morningstar.
To download these iPhone applications visit iTunes on your computer or through your phone.

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