Best fitness apps for ipad 2012


Whether you’re getting ready for a marathon, looking to lose weight, or simply getting in shape, having a trainer at your side can be invaluable.
Unfortunately, hiring a personal trainer is a hefty expense, but if you have an iPad, you can save quite a bit by downloading one of these handy training apps.

5k Runner:
0 to 5K Run Training ($2.99) – If you’re currently a couch potato that wants to get in shape, this app is the perfect tool, taking you from zero to hero in mere weeks. This app utilizes a walk, run, walk routine for 35 minutes three times a week, easing you into a full 5K run. You’ll start off slow, at a pace you can handle, and gradually ramp up in difficulty over the course of eight weeks. This app is great because it keeps you motivated with an achievable plan. There’s also a 10K Runner follow up app.

PhysiqueBuild ($1.99) -
Looking to bulk up? This fitness guide will help you gain up to five pounds of muscle within 10 days, while teaching you how to lose fat and preserve your muscle. The app, which includes both running and workout programs, teaches you how to eat and train to lose fat and gain muscle mass. You’ll learn exactly what to eat, the best supplements, the right time to eat, how to breathe correctly, and tons of other tips in this handy app. Try the lite version before downloading the whole shebang.

Sworkit (Free) –
Sworkit is an app that provides randomized circuit training workouts to help you stay motivated to get in shape. Choose a workout length and a target area to create the perfect workout that you can do anytime and anywhere with no weights or extra equipment. This app is designed to keep your workouts interesting by mixing things up, so you’re doing something different each day. Exercises are presented in 30 second intervals, so you’ll never get bored, which is the key to staying motivated.

Daily Workouts ($3.99) -
Daily Workouts provides your own personal trainer wherever you are. The app comes with more than a hundred exercises and allows you to set up custom routines to target any area. You’ll get five to 10 minute targeted workouts and 10 to 30 minute full body workouts, plus videos showing you how to execute every exercise. Routines are randomly generated, and each exercise has been certified by a personal trainer to target all major muscles. You can strengthen and tone your body with as little as a minute per day using this app!

Do you use your phone to help keep track of your health? You wouldn’t be alone.According to the Pew Internet & American Life project, 15 percent of adults with cell phones use health applications on their devices. Meanwhile 17 percent of cell phone users look up health information while on the go. And while that might seem unimpressive at first glance, it is actually quite significant: in order to access most health information via mobile — and certainly health-themed applications — one needs a smartphone. And about 46 percent of American cell phone users have one of those. In other words, there’s an argument to be made that nearly a third of those who are able to access health information on their phones do so.

But are we talking about the sporadic symptom check on WebMD or something larger? About 27 percent of Internet users have tracked their weight and diet and fitness behaviors online. And with hundreds of apps devoted to helping customers meet their weight loss and fitness goals, there is clearly a market for mobile nutrition and fitness information as well.

There’s also growing evidence that keeping track of weight loss, diet and fitness goals on an electronic device may benefit those who are trying to lose weight, especially if they are clinically overweight or obese. According to new research, presented at last week’s American Heart Association meeting, obese and overweight patients who used an electronic logging system that provided feedback and that was tailored to their needs, were more likely to stick to a five-point plan that was associated with sustained and successful weight loss. Compared to control groups that used a paper log or an electronic log without feedback, the participants who used an interactive electronic system were more able to maintain regular attendance at group sessions, meet daily calorie goals, meet daily fat goals; achieve weekly exercise goals; and keep track of their eating and exercise patterns. Over time, all three groups regained some of their lost weight, but the group with the interactive electronic logs regained the smallest amount.

Given those results, what are some of the best apps for weight loss? Below, our picks for noteworthy mobile nutrition and fitness helpers — both the tried and true, like Lose It! and newcomers to the scene, like Fitbit:

Need a nutritionist to answer questions at the supermarket? Perhaps a personal trainer for running a first-time 5K? Or surely a shrink to talk out that fear of flying? We’ve rounded up the 63 best apps* that offer these services and much, much more. Check out the list — organized by category — and download a step to living healthily, appily ever after.

What good is a personal trainer that doesn’t fit in a gym bag? Customized workout programs guide users through exercises with tips and videos. Whether the goal is losing weight, building muscle, or increasing endurance, Vitogo’s got it covered. Available on the iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.

Follow the yellow brick road — or just use the GPS on this app, which lets users track just about every detail of their workout. The product comes with a pedometer and workout playlists and provides instant feedback through voice notifications. But don’t forget about fun: Compete against other exercisers in a game called “Move Your Bot.” Available for free on Android.

Sometimes the hardest part of a workout is just getting to the gym, and JEFIT understands that. Beginners are welcome to try this app that lets users create a workout schedule, track their progress, and search for new exercises. Available for free on the iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, and Android.

Fitness Builder
This app’s users build muscle as they build personal workouts. Browse a huge selection of instructional workout videos, and get all the tools necessary to achieve fitness goals: a live personal trainer, fitness calculators, progress reports, and more. The app also helps therapy professionals create customized plans for clients. Available on the iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, and Android. (The first month’s subscription is free.)

Pump up a workout using this app that creates the perfect exercise routine with upbeat music and audio motivation from coaches. Users can also opt to raise money for cancer research through Livestrong, publicizing their progress to social media connections. Available for free on the iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.

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