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I’ve been searching for a friendly droid app to track my meals and nutritional data. Basically an app that can track what I’ve eaten against my quota. I use Jefit for tracking fitness, and now could use help with my nutrition.

I have been testing 4 droid apps…

“Absolute Fitness” droid app looks like the best user interface of the 4 apps. The negative is all of the reviews say the app is out of date and development has stopped though…. That tells me it is not worth the $5 to try.

“Spark People” droid app looks like a good user interface. This might be my

choice, if not for the huge negative… the lack of a barcode scanner. Seems picky, but I run across a number of items I eat and I need to have a quick entry. If I have to look up and search for enter every item, I might as well continue using the excel spreadsheet I am using now.

“Calorie Counter” droid app has the most up to date nutritional information, a barcode scanner for adding items and the ability to create Saved Meals. The drawback to this app is it is not a very friendly mobile app user interface and is difficult to use… not what I expected from a top droid app.

“My Fitness Pal” droid app has a friendly user interface, a barcode scanner for adding items, customizable categories (breakfast, lunch, dinner, etc). This is my favorite of the 4 apps I have tried so far. The negative…I can not seem to figure out how to create “saved meal” to re-use from day to day.

Not looking to be super picky, but I am new to the android market and would like to know if anyone has any other suggestions which I am not aware of. With such a hectic life I could really use an app that helps me monitor what I eat so I can control it. I know the features that I want and have so many ideas as to what would make any of these apps be a great app.Your Android is always with you, and it’s a great tool for tracking your exercise, logging your diet victories and slip-ups, and encouraging you to take your fitness farther. Use these Android apps to monitor your goals for the new year.

FatSecret Calorie Counter
It’s not just that FatSecret’s app has a voluminous database of calorie counts for all kinds of food you’ll eat at home or almost any restaurant—though that’s certainly a helpful thing to have. It’s not even the barcode scanner, which quickly pulls in nutrition information for any pre-packaged goods. The real power of FatSecret is to quickly add all those things you’re eating into an ongoing Food Diary, so you can see your day’s total in calories, fat, carbohydrates, or what have you. There’s also an exercise diary, a weight tracker and a personal journal, so you can keep tabs on the less mathematical aspects of getting into shape.

RunKeeper Pro

We like it, you like it, and pretty much anyone who’s into running will come to like it. RunKeeper tracks your run via GPS on a map, while also logging your mileage, calories burned, time spent running, and other stats. That data instantly syncs up to RunKeeper’s servers, where you can track your progress, set goals, and otherwise view your running life from a nice overhead view. While you’re running, RunKeeper’s robotic announcer can let you know how far you’ve come and have left to go—helpful for those needing some real-world motivation. Best of all, the unrestricted Pro version is free through the month of January.

My Tracks
For those who don’t just run, or are good enough with Google Maps or spreadsheets to really make use of a whole ton of exercise data, Google’s own My Tracks app fits the bill. It runs in the background while you carry about your exercise (or just casual walking), then sends your stats to either a custom Google Map or your Google Docs account. The app can also link up with Twitter and other networks to broadcast your particularly notable runs/bikes/walks, and keeps backup copies of your data on your SD card.


More than 280,000 health-conscious recipes are loaded into SparkRecipes’ database, and its Android app gives you a very handy interface to get at them. Fat, calories, and other nutrition are provided for each recipe, and you can search and sort based on diet or special nutrition needs. Pick out recipes, save them as your favorites, and you’ve got another source to look to for home-cooked meal ideas.

This app covers some of the same ground as RunKeeper, but the app has a larger view of health and training, and the tools to cover it. You can use it to track your outdoor run/bike/walk, but also time and estimate your indoor gym activities, too. There are lots of components to encourage you to stick to your exercise plan. You can install modules to “race” other CardioTrainer users, and a neat New Year’s Resolution feature that can hold a donation amount in escrow. If you stick to your plan, you keep the money, but if you don’t, it goes to a charity of your choice. So use CardioTrainer not as just a fancy timer, but as a social

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