Best free android golf gps app



A precise, reliable, and FREE Golf Gps navigation Rangefinder for the Android phone.

Swing by Swing is definitely an accurate, reliable, and 100% FREE Golf Gps navigation Rangefinder and Scorecard for the Android.

This isn’t a “trial” version. It’s not “limited functionality”.

You receive:

* A complete-featured Gps navigation range finder which shows distance to center of eco-friendly, and each obstacle around the course. FREE for existence!

* A totally free golf scorecard to help keep score for the entire foursome

* Automatic website account to examine your models at length, see pictures you submitted, take a look at scores and stats, and tell buddies

* Graphs and stats so that you can be careful about your game improve

* 35,000 courses planned within the system


Concerning the Rangefinder

Take strokes off your game with wise golf information:

* Accurate distance information, rivaling every other application or $300 device.

* Notice a satellite photo from the hole you’re playing. Focus and touch anywhere to obtain distance of your stuff to that particular point.

* Upgrade to some Looper and obtain Eco-friendly Take on every hole on the planet, showing the length to front/middle/back

* Free shot distance monitoring. Discover what lengths you simply bombed that 1-Wood lower the green! (Loopers may use the Club Tracker to appraise the distance of each and every club within their bag, and find out a three dimensional flyover of each and every shot hit throughout a particular round.)

* Have a photo throughout your round also it instantly uploads aimed at your website round page


Concerning the Scorecard

* Free score and putt monitoring on any course on the planet

* Store your models free for existence within our database, watching your game improve with graphs and stats

* Upgrade to Looper and play your buddies with Stroke Play or Stableford, using full handicaps, USGA handicaps, or Course handicaps! You will also get extended scorecard functionality, and much more stats and graphs.


About Website

* Your models, scores, path round the course, pictures, and much more, are submitted instantly towards the website. Each round of golf produces an connected website with awesome detail of the round:

* Be careful about your exact path traveled round the course.

* View your stats and graphs, and rez satellite photos.

* Pictures you are taking around the course are instantly connected together with your round of golf, saved for your phone camera roll, and viewable around the round page.


Make use of the Gps navigation free of charge, or upgrade to Looper and unlock the real energy of Swing by Swing:

* The Gps navigation Rangefinder application is free of charge. All 35,000+ courses within the system are playable free of charge.

* The Scorecard is free of charge for monitoring scores and putts. Loopers obtain the extended scorecard to trace such things as fairways hit, sand shots, and penalties. Get stats like vegetables in regulation, fairways hit, putts, and much more!

* Club Tracker module can also be free for fundamental shot monitoring. Whenever you upgrade to Looper, you’ll have the ability to track the length of each and every club inside your bag and find out a three dimensional overlay of each and every shot you hit throughout the round.

* Your account is free of charge, and you may enter all of your past scores, view current scores, the journey round the course, stats, graphs, submitted pictures, and much more.


Why Choose SwingBySwing?

* Our Gps navigation Rangefinder is free of charge now. It will likely be free the following month, and it’ll be free the coming year.

* Simple to use – a couple of taps and you are playing. Instantly advances from hole to hole.

* Creates ANY course on the planet. In case your course isn’t within the system, or otherwise planned for play, you should use our simple online interface to include it yourself. (Or pay us to get it done for you personally)

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