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Oftentimes, when we discuss BlackBerry applications for our daily post, we’re featuring premium applications. There are some free applications mixed in there, but typically the free applications don’t get as much airtime. We’re going to overcompensate for this by listing a ton of free BlackBerry apps. How many? To be honest, I never counted. I just compiled a list and put them in some discernible order. If you’re ever on the hunt for BlackBerry applications, or know someone looking to fill her Berry with freebies, make sure to check out what follows.

Google Maps
Your BlackBerry comes with a maps application pre-loaded, but let’s be honest. BlackBerry Maps isn’t the greatest navigation application. It does the basics, but it’s not quite as comprehensive as Google Maps. If you seek a powerful maps application for free, G-Maps is the place to be.


With your BlackBerry internet connection, looking up phone numbers can be a breeze. You can search various websites for directory information, saving you money on 411 calls. Beyond411, though, takes that directory assistance to another level. It integrates plenty of features, like your GPS, into its searches. It might be the best free app out there.


Showing can be far more powerful than telling. So why tell someone about what to do if you can show them? BBScreenStream allows you to capture video from your BlackBerry screen using your PC. It’s great for demonstrations and presentations, but I’m sure you can come up with plenty of other uses.

You never know when you might need to capture a screenshot of your BlackBerry. There are a few on-device options, but most have limitations in what they can capture. BBScreenShooter works from your PC, which allows you the ultimate control over what screenshots you take. You can even take shots on transition screens.

Capture It
This is one of the on-device screen capture applications, and one of the only free ones. The advantage is that you can take screenshots without being in front of your PC. Use the menu option to capture almost any screen, or assign it to a convenience key for even easier access.


It’s taken a while for RSS to catch on, but I notice more and more people sharing reader items every day. The idea behind RSS is that instead of visiting the same websites every day, you can have the information sent directly to you, much like your BlackBerry push email. Viigo, recently acquired by RIM, provides the ultimate BlackBerry RSS experience.

Mobipocket eBook reader

If you’re comfortable reading tons of emails on your BlackBerry, perhaps you’d also enjoy a good book during your commute. It’s not a familiar format, but plenty of people have joined the eBook revolution over the past few years. Mobipocket provides one of the best BlackBerry e-reading experiences, allowing you to view most file types.

Barnes & Nobile eReader

Bookstores are now getting into the business of eBooks, and have been using proprietary readers to distribute literature. Barnes & Noble has its Nook device, but if you don’t want to pay for the product you can get the experience for free. Their BlackBerry application allows you to view Barnes & Noble eBooks, and even gives you four free (public domain) eBooks upon signing up. It’s an excellent Nook accompanier, too.

BlackBerry Desktop Manager –
The CD and software program that came with your BlackBerry. It runs on your PC and allows you to do all kinds of stuff with your BlackBerry, like backup all your data, install new applications, etc.

3rd Party -

This is when a company other than RIM has made the BlackBerry app. RIM makes some apps for your BlackBerry (like the facebook app, and flickr app, but most BlackBerry apps are made by other companies. Usually they will make a profit by selling their apps, but sometimes offer them for free. Sometimes they also offer the basic app for free and the upgraded ‘premium’ version for a fee.

Over the Air. This means you can download the application through your BlackBerry browser and install it straight onto your BlackBerry. You don’t need the BlackBerry Desktop Manager for an ‘ota download’.

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