Best hack slash games android


Best Hack And Slash Games For iOS And Android

Blizzard is hard at work adding some much-needed polish and content to the third outing in its best-selling Diablo franchise. If the charm offensive has yet to win you over, why not look through our list of outstanding mobile hack-and-slash games? Some of these titles give even the PC and console big-boys a run for their money, and are sure to provide great value for yours.

A dungeon-crawler in the most classic vein, this top-down isometric battler makes great use of touchscreens for its swipe-gesture controls. While we’d like to have seen some multiplayer action, the game’s single-player storyline spans five enormous chapters. If you hunger for a Diablo-like experience on the go, you can do a lot worse than download this grizzly game from Chillingo.


Living up to the reception of the original, best-selling, and absolutely fantastic-looking original game was no small task for Chair Entertainment, but fortunately, the studio managed to pull it off. The sequel packs in more enemies, more weapons, and another exquisitely crafted world, while refining the cautious but brutal combat. The sequel also introduced the ClashMob system, allowing players to take part in global competitions for ultimate prestige. We’d hate to choose between the two games, but even at the relatively high price, you’ll get more than enough value from either. We suggest buying both.

Leading 2012′s charge towards bringing console-quality gaming to mobile devices is Zynga’s Horn, a fantastic RPG slasher that calls to mind the classic Zelda games and just a tiny bit of Shadow of the Colossus. Teaming up with a cantankerous assistant, you battle with swords, bows, and your magical horn to solve the many puzzles of the game, and finish the fight in one of the best adventures available on mobile.

As well as taking charge of a ferocious fighter on your own, you can also team up with a friend for co-op action in Glu Mobile’s recently released sequel. A bloody and brutally violent affair, you’ll trawl through grim dungeons in search of shinier armor and weapons. It’s also one of the prettiest games available to Android gamers, and certainly deserves a home on your tablet.

This freemium game from Gameloft may not be to everyone’s taste, as there’s a heavy dependence on in-app purchases, but fans of the genre owe it to themselves to get a feel for the Dungeon Hunter series. The third entry represents the best of the lot, with over a thousand shiny items to find, four different classes, and some of the most impressive graphics we’ve seen on iOS and Android.

A great example of easy to learn, hard to master, Heroes Call has recently been updated to support the new iPad’s amazing Retina capabilities. Pick a hero that suits your combative preferences, and then embark on 40 levels of dungeon-crawling, blood-spattering mayhem. There are more than 100 different enemy types to be slaughtered, and each hero takes a unique journey through the game’s story.

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