Best international travel apps android


There is of course one smartphone app no true traveler could ever do without. This one. But once you’ve downloaded that, why not browse these too?We’re going to skip over obvious ones like Twitter, Facebook, Skype, Gowalla, Foursquare, Instagram, Google Earth/Maps, as worthy as they are, for ones you may have overlooked, but shouldn’t.

1. Kayak — Flight search
More than a few trips begin with Kayak, one of the web’s most popular travel services. Its mobile apps are great as well, allowing you to search flight details with ease on a mobile device.I especially like the “explore” function, which presents you with a map of the world and the prices that it would cost to travel to various locations. For those who dream about traveling as much as they actually travel, the Kayak app is for you.
I mean seriously, who knew about these little Mariana Islands?

2. Time Out — Location guide
Time Out has an assortment of apps for big cities New York, Paris, and London as well as for pacific hubs like Kuala Lumpur, Sydney, and Melbourne.
While it would be better if more cities were available, the ones that do have guides are well served with lots of information about entertainment, nightlife, and the best places to eat near you.
The apps I tried were location-aware (if you allow it) and will then show you points of interest nearby.

3. Lonely Planet Travel Guides
As you might expect, Lonely Planet has a lot of guides and phrasebook apps available in Apple’s App Store. And just as you likely have more than one Lonely Planet book on your bookshelf, it’s very possible that you’re going to buy more than one Lonely Planet guide.In order to manage your Lonely Planet purchases, you can add a sort of Lonely Planet catch-all app, which lets you access its entire catalog, including stored titles you’ve bought already

4. TripIt — Travel planner
All those confirmation mails that you get from hotels and airlines, you can simply forward along to, which will then magically generate a digital itinerary that you can refer to on your mobile device.
You can add multiple trips to TripIt if you’re a frequent traveler, or just use it for a single vacation. TripIt was awarded Best Travel Mobile App for 2011 at the Webby Awards. It’s not hard to see why.

5. Evernote — Organizer
This popular digital note-taking app makes for a very helpful travel companion as well. I’ve not used it on trips myself, but Brett Terpstra recently pointed out that the app can really shine when you’re on the road.
Take pictures of receipts and other important paperwork, and let Evernote’s OCR help with the cataloguing. While I’m not a big fan of the Evernote desktop app (Brett’s Notational Velocity wins out there), I think Evernote definitely wins when note-taking on the go.

Very cool collection i must say hats off for this post as i cam assume there is a detailed analysis behind it. Android market is not only ful of traveling apps but also many cool games of airplanes. i am traveling addict, even i play only flight games like Air flight Control.Great collection of apps, my favourite of these is Tripit which saves so much time and keeps me organised. One not on here I’ve started using recently is Hotel’s Fairy on Android which is a great hotel booking comparison app

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