Best ipad baseball game for kids


The bases are loaded, the pitchers are on the mounds, and Major League Baseball season has begun! So now it’s time to take me — and my iPhone — out to the ballgame!Ok, the season officially opened the other day, but the Red Sox play their first game today so that makes it the real opening day. Thankfully, baseball fans are never far away from the action if they have their trusty iPad or iPhone by their side. There are apps for watching baseball, scoring baseball, finding food at the ballpark, playing casual games, and managing the ever-important fantasy baseball team.

As I write this, the season has just started and the Red Sox and Tigers are scoreless after the top of the second inning. I know this, because today, and most days during the season I have one of my all time favorite apps fired up – At At Bat is free for the “Lite” version – but if you are a real baseball fan, pony up the $14.95 for the full season pass available as an in-app purchase. The information in this app is really staggering. I can follow every pitch of every game. I get this very cool visual of the batter and can see the pitches (in real time) wiz by his head. I can look at the plays of the game or the box score at the same time on the right hand side of the screen and follow the scores from other games at the top of the screen. Throw in video highlights, MLB TV (if you are a subscriber) and free game-day audio and this is the ultimate baseball app.Most cable providers have an app for following local sports teams. In New England we have NESN – the New England Sports Network which has a free app for following local has a new app out this year called At the Ballpark. When you fire up this app, you can then choose your local ballpark or any of the Major League ballparks and start exploring. You can see the ballpark map, get directions, look at schedules of events and even order food and drinks if the ballpark supports it.Your smart phone or tablet is getting smarter, with more and more applications (or “apps”) developed for it seemingly every day. There are apps that provide news and stats, apps that try to augment your experience, apps that are useful to coaches and umpires, and apps that are just plain fun.A look at the best in each category, with knowledge that there are new apps coming out every day.Note: iPhone and iPod Touch apps work on iPad. If an app here is listed for iPad, it has a specific iPad app.Time to put away the pencil and paper for you scorekeepers? Maybe not for most of us, but this is a beautiful product (especially on the iPad) that will likely only get better. You little league scorers can have real-time stats with no go-home-to-compute time. It can even be integrated with Twitter and a webcast. There is a learning curve that goes with it, however. Don’t just show up at the opener and download the app that day.

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