Best ipad case for travel


A brand new shiny gadget is a beautiful thing. One that’s scratched, scuffed, or (gasp!) smashed is not only regrettable, but avoidable. Fragility and mobility are the perfect combination for disaster when it comes to tablets. If you have an iPad, the first thing you need to do is get a case to protect it. The good news is that a simple Google search turns up scores and scores of cases designed specifically for the iPad 2, so there are plenty of types and styles to choose from. We’ve looked at a lot of them to bring you 32 cool cases.Besides providing protection, a good case can help you do more with your iPad. One of the more popular flavors is the folio, which when folded the right way acts as a stand, propping up your iPad at various angles for typing, gaming, video viewing, or ebook reading. When you’re not using the stand, the case folds back to cover the iPad’s back panel, and more importantly, the very fragile 9.7-inch screen, keeping it safe from damage when you shove it into an overstuffed backpack. We found a bunch of folios in various materials and designs.If you want to add some personality to your tablet, a protective shell could be the way to go. Shells, typically constructed from plastic or rubber, come in bright colors, patterns, and textures—we found some sweet-looking ones. But a shell will only cover the iPad’s back panel, so you’ll need a transparent screen protector or something like Apple’s Smart Cover, which is a thin perforated layer of polyurethane or leather that uses magnets to adhere to the iPad’s screen to protect it.
Not a fan of the added bulk of a case? At least get a sleeve to protect your iPad while it’s in transit. We’ve got some of those too. But keep your fingers crossed that you don’t drop that tablet while you’re using it—you’ll be out of luck.

I love my iPad, but feel the need to tote around associated “stuff” like a Verizon Mi-Fi brick (ATT does not serve my area), cables and the like. This unit serves the purpose well. It even accommodates “accessories” such as my iPod Touch (okay, so I am obsessive about Apple devices) and my Droid. Mostly now, I leave my laptop and its bulkier case at home, opting instead for this light and compact case. I would like an additional pocket or flap to hold papers, but that is a quibble.
This is a great case for the iPad and all the accessories. The separate compartment snugly (and that’s a good thing) fits my iPad with a neoprene sleeve in it. The case comes with a pretty decent stand. There’s a dedicated compartment for the Apple bluetooth keyboard and there’s enough zippered pouches for everything else you need. (In my case, the iPad charger, headphones, and a CLEAR iSpot MIFI device.)

For short trips, I take this setup instead of the laptop backpack. Well made case. Zippers seem sturdy after a month of travel.

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