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iPad is definitely one of the most wanted devices. It’s a must have piece of technology that made us to rediscover how to browse the web, communicate with friends and just have fun.

iPad changed the user, but it’s also an incredible resource for developers. The Ultimate iPad Development Resources Roundup is a compilation of some of the best articles, tools and books you should read and try if you want to become an expert iPad developer. Enjoy!Most people who have designed web sites or apps in Photoshop will, at one point or another, have had issues trying to match colors in images to colors generated by HTML, CSS or code. This article aims to solve those problems once and for all…”“The video shows a sample prototype created using Apple Keynote and Keynotopia’s iPad prototyping elements, without using additional graphics or tools…”“Here we’ll be going over brief ideas of how to design icons for iOS devices. There are many sizes and scales which require careful attention to detail and focus…“While there is no way to test the exact hardware without having an iPad there is now a way to test iPad code using an iPhone or iPod touch and the iPad simulator….”“In this article I’ll be looking introducing iPhone-OS content development and give a high-level view of what is involved. Hopefully this will be enough to allow you to figure out if and where you need to go next.This is about the user interface conventions and considerations which apply to creating software for the iPad platform…“This article is about the user interface conventions and considerations which apply to creating software for the iPad platform and touch-screen tablet devices in general. It is not a technical discussion of iPad-related APIs.The advent of higher and higher density screens will continue to have some subtle but important changes on the way we practice design for digital media, eventually pushing us to work in a resolution-independent framework that’s currently foreign to mos.While the iPad and iPhone share iOS as their operating system there are many aspects of development for the iPad that are considerably different and should be understood by developers looking to create the best possible iPad apps.

On this page I have decided to list tutorials specifically created for the iPad along with other resources such as user interface design tips, and graphical resources such as UI prototyping tools and vector kits.You can expect this page to update with new tutorials and resources so be sure to bookmark it.

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