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Seems like there’s an iPhone App or an Android App for practically anything these days. But can you use one of them to find a therapist?

It turns out that yes, United Behavioral Health has designed an app for the Android that will allow users to tap the GPS function on their phone to find a clinician, and even select the type of clinician they’d like to see.

The app displays the therapist’s name and contact information, their areas of expertise, and licensure. The user can then click on the phone to dial the practitioner’s number, and also see a map with directions to the office.

The Android App was released on Dec. 8 and an iPhone App will follow in early 2012. UBH is offering it through an arm of its business called Liveandworkwell bills itself as offering “confidential resources for mental health and life’s changes.”

The public can download the app at the UBH site or at the Android site.

Android Apps can be downloaded for a few dollars, although some of them are free. The most popular health-related apps are for calorie counting and cardio-fitness. But there are also mental health assessment apps, including this one available for 99 cents. It evaluates the user for signs of clinical depression, phobias, post traumatic stress disorder and panic attacks.

See the full mental health application list here. Click here for a listing of mental health apps consumers are downloading for the iPhone.

Physicians are going broke, CNN says. Marc Lion, a private practice financial advisor, told the network this week: “A lot of independent practices are starting to see serious financial issues.”

The problem, according to CNN, is declining insurance reimbursements, the constant battle to keep up with changing regulations, and the genearl high cost of doing business.

Cardiologist William Pentz, who has a private practice in Philadelphia, said he and his business partners tapped into their personal assets to make payroll last year. “Many of us are also skimping on our own pay,” he said.

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