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Turn your mobile device into an instrument with these amazing apps. One of the only ways to fit a piano in your pocket.

Parents need to know that this music app is a great way to introduce toddlers to the piano. It plays 14 notes — just enough for Mary Had a Little Lamb. Just make sure you don’t have your iPhone on silent!

Bloom HD
Parents need to know that Bloom HD is a mesmerizing app that combines making music and art. It is simple to use; and is both visually and aurally stimulating without being grating. The effect is so calming that there’s even a sleep timer setting so that kids can use the app’s ambient tones to fall asleep to. It’s recommended that the app be experienced with headphones to get the full effect.Designed by ambient musicians Brian Eno and Peter Chilvers, BLOOM HD lets players explore the relationship between sound and visual art. Tapping the screen creates a blip of sound and a colorful circle that expands outward. Tapping different spots creates different pitches and hues that loop and overlap each other. Users can experiment with various color palettes, delay effects, and modes, or just sit back and have the app create something automatically. Unlike the harsh bleeps of other sound manipulators, Bloom HD is a tranquil and thoroughly mesmerizing experience.

Juno’s Piano – Learn Songs, Play with Parents, and Free Play
Parents need to know that Juno’s Piano – Learn Songs, Play with Parents, and Free Play is an interactive and educational music app that allows kids to play music on a piano keyboard. There are three main options for gameplay. Learn a Song teaches kids to play three different songs on the piano, a few notes at a time, with a large amount of positive verbal feedback. Play Together allows parents and kids to interact with the app together. Free Play allows kids to play what they like on the piano, which on this screen is ten white keys and six black keys. Juno stands above the keyboard encouraging kids to keep going. An HD version is also available for the iPad.JUNO’S PIANO – LEARN SONGS, PLAY WITH PARENTS, AND FREE PLAY is both fun and instructional, teaching kids to play songs on the piano and also allowing them free-play time. Because of the Free Play and Play Together options, this app will continue to be fresh once kids master the three songs in Learn a Song. In Learn a Song, the app teaches cumulatively, reinforcing notes in the song that have already been played. By the end of the song, kids are playing the whole series of notes. The app doesn’t require the notes to be played at the right beat or tempo, merely in the right orde.

You love your iPhone, and for good reason. It’s your social calendar, your family organizer, and your connection to the best friend you haven’t seen since your first year of college. Your kids love your iPhone, too, but for them, it’s all about the sheer fun of messing around with Mom’s apps. When you consider that the iTunes Store has launched more than 500,000 apps to date, there’s plenty of fun to be had! Read More ↓
For Babble’s roundup of the top 50 iOS (Apple’s operating platform) apps for kids, we looked at some basic criteria that you and your family might also consider before downloading an app. Every app we tested had to have received Apple’s age-appropriate “4+” rating. We also considered whether the app allowed parents to participate in, or at least oversee, whatever their kids were doing onscreen. And, even if the apps were designed to do nothing more than keep the kids busy while you’re in line at the store, there had to be some positive or educational element to it.
We’ve broken down our top 50 apps by category, price and age range. (Though many of these apps have a free edition, these “lite” versions often include ads or limit the number of features you can use.) Apps that are labeled “HD” are exclusive to iPad, but nearly all of the apps we selected can be used on any iOS device you own. We hope you have as much fun checking these out as we did testing them. And if we missed one.You have your connect-the-dots apps and your color-by-number apps, but with Connect N Color, you get both in one fun package. The app’s activity pages flow together as a simple story about a character, Fuzzy the Fox, as he goes through an ordinary day at school. You start by connecting the dots, as each scene in the story offers at least one such puzzle to complete, and when you’ve finished, you use the color palette to shade in the numbered sections in each puzzle. Besides its two-in-one artistic benefits, Connect N Color also helps to teach patterns and number recognition, so you’re actually sneaking in some rudimentary learning skills as you keep the kids entertained.

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