Best new Android games August 2012


Android is synonymous to freedom. But, that’s just half of the story. The other half is that Android is also synonymous to fun. The fun is most apparent in the huge volume of new Android game apps released weekly by game developers from all around the world.We featured 15 of the best new Android games of the month last mid-August. In this late August edition, we feature 15 more best new Android games for August.What fun stuff did the devs provide us for the second half of August? In this post, read about an Android game about

a hero using spells and weapons to defend his castle against attacking monsters;
the savior of the world overrun by zombies;
raising monsters as pets, and offering them up for adoption;
calculation, logic, intelligence, and memory;
demons threatening the 100-year peace on earth, and the warriors that fight them;
a swordfish-toting penguin defending itself against seals, squid, and polar bears;
pesky mosquitoes you have to squish as fast as you can;
a stick-figure hero’s adventure onboard a shopping cart;
super cute and super fat puppies that have to dodge obstacles to get to same-colored puppies at the bottom of the pile;
egg-throwing alien chickens invading the solar system, and your quest to defend the solar system against them;
spirits from fallen leaves who must return home to the land of spirits;
a ninja on a quest to save his girlfriend;
an extremely pissed-off grandma out to whack and clobber everyone that gets in her way;
cooking burgers as a trainee, and later on progressing to become chef and manager of a restaurant; and
adorable pebbles bumping each other to eradicate monsters.
Go ahead and check out these Android games.

Magic Defender

Hordes of monsters are coming. Horrifying monsters are marching towards your castle walls. Are you ready to defend and keep the walls standing from enemy attacks? Ready your arrows and learn powerful spells to ward off enemies with the Magic Defender game.Your main task is to protect your castle wall from enemy attack. You will be given health points for your castle. Once that point reaches zero, your wall will fall and the monsters will overtake your castle. You will need to shoot your enemies with the bow before they reach the wall. You can also perform spells. You can find spells that you have learned below the screen. Just tap and drag a spell to the area where you want to cast the spell. A circle landmark will also appear that shows the targeted area.After each round, you will accumulate gold and gems. You can use those to buy new weapons, upgrade your attacking power, learn powerful spells, and build sturdier walls. If you can’t wait for your gold or gems to grow, you can exchange your real money for gold or gems through the app’s store.The Magic Defender can be downloaded for free from the Google Play Store, and, while testing the app, I didn’t find ads popping in the background.

Zombie Terminator

Zombies are now spreading all over the city. Your main task will be to kill the zombies and survive as long as you can. That’s what Zombie Terminator is all about in a nutshell. It’s a side-scrolling, zombie-killing game.You will be allowed to choose different missions. You can do missions that will require you to kill a specific number of zombies, survive the zombie attack for a given time, go to the escape point, and do a survival mission. At some point, you will also do boss battle and fight against horrifying zombie bosses.After completing missions, you will accumulate gold points. You can use the gold points to buy new weapons, upgrade old ones, buy enough ammunition, or buy enough medical kits. Killing zombies will also let your character level up and unlock more weapons in the shop. If you can’t wait for your gold points to grow, you can also buy gold points from the app’s exchange store.The Zombie Terminator app can be downloaded for free. This free app will also come ads supported. Ads will only appear at the top portion of screen every after doing a mission and won’t really bother the users from playing the game. The game also ran smoothly — no lags or bugs at all — on our test device.

Monster Pet Shop
Do you like taking care of pets? How about taking care of unique animals? If you do, you might certainly love the Monster Pet Shop app. This simulation game lets you manage a pet shop, and at the same time take care of your monster pets.Just like a real pet, you will need to keep your monsters happy. You will need to bathe them, feed them, pet them, keep their habitat squeaky clean, and let them play their favorite toys. Pour your love upon your monsters and keep them happy. After some time, your monster will fully mature. Fully grown monsters will breed and grow unique monsters eggs. Take constant care of the eggs until they hatch. Breed your pets and discover new and cute monsters.You cannot take care of all your fully grown monsters by yourself. That’s why you will need to offer them for adoption to your shop customers. Giving out a happy monster and fulfilling the request of your customers will let you earn additional points.Monster Pet Shop can be played for free from the Google Play Store. It is a free game, but you will need to spend cash if you want to get additional Monster Berries.

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