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Welcome to the top list for the currently most popular Top Paid Apps in the Productivity Apps category.Click on any of the app names to get further details on that app, including a QR code for a quick download and links to share the app. You will always find the latest top apps in all 70+ categories right here as we update our lists daily.Select from the drop down boxes below to change between price levels (free, paid, all), and the different categories. If you have any feedback on these lists, or anything about the site, we’d love to hear from you. Send us your feedback.If you’re an Android user, you might want to make a note. I love to download and try apps. Whether it’s a game or a tool to improve my experience, I’m usually up to try it out. However, sometimes you’ll find 10 apps that do the same thing. So which one is the best? This is a quick list of 5 paid apps I feel any Android user should invest in:

1) Root Explorer (File Manager)

User Rating: 4.77 / 5 with 17,608 ratings
Root Explorer is the ultimate file manager for root users. Access the whole of android’s file system (including the elusive data folder!). Features include SQLite database viewer, Text Editor, create and extract zip or tar/gzip files, extract rar archives, multi-select, execute scripts, search, remount, permissions, bookmarks, send files (via email, bluetooth etc), image thumbnails, APK binary XML viewer, change file owner/group, create symbolic link, “Open With” facility, MD5, create shortcuts. For fast, friendly support simply email us: We will always try to help with any problem you may have with the app. If we can’t help then you can have a refund, no questions asked. Although 14,000+ five star ratings will tell you that most people are very satisfied customers. Make sure you read as many comments as possible to get a good idea of what most people think of the app. We still respect the old 24 hour refund policy. So if you’re not happy with the app just email us within 24 hours and you can have a refund. We’ll need to know the order number, which you can find on the emails sent to you by Google when you downloaded. Why compromise? Get the original and the best!

2) LogMeIn Ignition
User Rating: 4.39 / 5 with 2,349 ratings
Access your computer from your Android, and never leave anything behind.

3) IP Cam Viewer Pro
User Rating: 4.57 / 5 with 5,938 ratings
View and Control IP camera, DVR, NVR, webcam. SSL, H.264, Audio, Widget, MPEG4.

4) ASTRO File Mgr Pro (key)

User Rating: 4.59 / 5 with 5,619 ratings
Over 29 million downloads and 250,000 reviews of ASTRO File Manager! This key will remove the ads from the from the ASTRO File Manager application. Please install ASTRO File Manager first, then install ASTRO File Mgr Pro (key). 1.0.1

5) Advanced Task Killer Pro
User Rating: 4.51 / 5 with 4,428 ratings
Advanced Task Killer is also known as ATK. It is a tool to kill applications running. This version is pro version which doesn’t contain ads. ATK is often used to kill apps and clean memory. We do suggest people use ATK manually kill apps instead of auto killing apps. -Ignore List -One tap widget -Auto kill -Customize item height 1. How to use it (for new users to quick start)? It is pretty simple. Open this tool and take a look at the running applications list? Uncheck some apps you don’t want to kill (such as Advanced Task Killer and some system apps) Tap the button ‘Kill selected apps’, it will kill all applications checked. 2. How to use it (for new users to do more)? If you don’t want to kill any application, you can tap it on the running applications list. Then it’s checking box will turn to gray. 3. Why there are programs running that I haven’t used or even opened? Some applications will start up once you turn on your phone or be invoked by some evens. 4. What is ignore list/ignore? Ignore list is for you to ignore some applications you don’t want to kill. If you long press on the application listed on the main screen of ATK, the menu will pop up, then you can select ‘Ignore’, the application would be moved to ignore list. When you tap ‘Kill selected apps’, it won’t be killed any more. 5. What is default action for long press? You can set your default action for long press and click on the settings. The system default action for long press is pop-menu. That means you when you long press on the application(displays on the running applications list), a pop-menu would shows up. For example, if you want to switch to the application after you long press on it, you can set the default action of long press to ‘Switch to’. 6. Why I lost my network connection after I tap ‘kill selected apps’? This is because some apps related with network connection are killed. Such as ‘voicemail’. You can ignore it instead of killing it. 7. Why my Home reloaded? This is because some apps related with Home are killed. Such as ‘HTC Sense’, ‘Mail’(if it is integrated with Home). You can ignore it instead of killing it. 8. Why I cannot receive notification of Email? This is because you killed ‘Email’. Instead of killing it, you need to ignore it. 9. What is Auto Kill? If you want to kill apps automatically you need to choose one of auto-kill level – Safe: Only kill the apps aren’t running but still consume memory. – Aggressive: Kill the apps running background and apps aren’t running. – Crazy: All apps except for apps you are using with. You should be able to see Auto Kill information shows on the title, like ‘Auto-Kill: 12:20′. That means auto kill will start at 12:20, you can also change the frequency to impact the auto kill start time. KW: taskiller taskkiller task killer taskmanager manager panel taskpanel process app, task killer pro

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