Best photo editing apps for android 2012


Taking photos and pictures on phones has become a common occurrence in the past few years, so it’s only natural that people also edit their photos right on their phones, wherever they might be, either to make them better or to just play around with the photos and images. The Android Market (aka Google Play as they now call it) is full of photo editing apps, some great, some nice, and some not worth mentioning. This roundup covers a few of the photo editing apps available for Android that we think are good and worth trying out. So continue reading to find out about them.

BeFunky Photo Editor

Available online for quite a while before coming to Android, BeFunky features more than 20 different effects (50 in Pro version) that can be applied to your photos and pictures. Each effect contains a thumbnail of the image with the specific effect applied, at the bottom of the page, so you can find out how an image would look with each effect without actually having to apply it before getting the preview. Photo frames can also be applied, along with basic editing features such as crop and rotate, changing brightness settings and more. Saving the photos and sharing them is possible through any sharing app installed on your phone.

FX Photo Editor

FX Photo Editor has a total of 110 different effects that you can apply to your photos and images, with 10 preset themes available. The opacity in every effect can be changed in real-time, and multiple effects can be combined and applied to a single image. Your favorite effects can be added to the Favorites list for easier access. The Time Matrix feature allows you to express a particular time’s atmosphere in a photo by selecting the year and then applying corresponding effects. Other features include texturing, vignetting, professional tools like histogram, B&W curve, and lots more.

Pixlr-o-matic, developed by famous CAD design company Autodesk Inc. is one of the easiest to use, with a lot of different effects available in the app, along with additional ones that can be downloaded from an inbuilt store. The Randomizer feature lets you apply random effects to your photos and images with a single click. Lighting effects let you add drama, spark, grunge, burn, scratches and other looks to the images, along with color overlays that let you adjust the mood of the images. Images can be saved in the original resolution then shared through any sharing app installed on your phone like Facebook, email, etc.Most smartphones today have built-in digital cameras, which allow you to take photos that rival what you might have taken with a high-dollar stand alone digital camera just a few years ago.In addition to snapping some pretty stellar photos with your phone, you can also edit the pictures you take with your phone on your smartphone, dramatically improving the quality of the shots you share with others without ever having to involve your computer.We’re talking about more than Instagram filters. Whether you’re looking to do something simply like remove a little red eye, or trying to add a speech bubble to the picture of your dog so it looks like he’s talking, there are number of great photo apps out there to help you get the job done right.Photos can be made to look like they were edited professionally after going through some apps, and most editors also have built-in integration with your favorite social networks, so you can instantly share your finished masterpiece with the world.Check out the gallery above for a look at some of our favorite mobile photo editors. Like video, too? Check out nine apps for editing video to see more fun tools to add to our arsenal.Do any of you currently use your phone to edit photos? What’s your favorite photo editing app? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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