Best playstation network apps 2012


Make the most of the great features of PlayStation 3 that won’t cost you a thing.So, that large, inviting present beneath the Christmas tree really did turn out to be what you wished for, and now you’re all set to experience some of the most spectacular video games around. Yet PlayStation 3 offers far more than just cutting-edge interactive entertainment. Even better, loads of features and services available on PS3 won’t cost you a thing.

It’s free to join PlayStation Network
Slipping that Blu-ray Disc into your PS3 is only the start of what you can achieve with PlayStation. As soon as you’ve linked your PS3 system to an Internet connection, you can create a Sony Entertainment Network account via the XMB™ Menu of your PS3. It’s simple to do and once you’re registered, you can join in with a world of free online gaming possibilities, whether you want to dazzle opponents at EA SPORTS FIFA 12 or take up the gauntlet thrown down by some of the most fearsome Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 players on the planet.

Free from PlayStation Store

How would you like to have great games delivered not just to your door, but straight into your PS3 system? That’s what PlayStation Store lets you do, and with a Sony Entertainment Network account you can also try before you buy, by downloading free demos of the biggest games to enjoy whenever and as many times as you like. Game trials and add-ons are also free to download from PlayStation Store, as well as some wallpapers and themes.PlayStation Home, meanwhile, is a thriving online space which offers a host of free mini-games and exclusive content from the biggest games around. A buzzing virtual world packed full of games, it’s also the perfect space to hang out with your PlayStation Network friends.

Stay up to date
Evolution happens fast with PlayStation, and you can stay right up to date with progress for free via your PS3 system. The latest trailers showing the hottest forthcoming games and movies can be viewed by heading to PlayStation Store, while and PlayStation.Blog at, delivering news and in-depth features on all things PlayStation, can also be accessed using your PS3 system’s web browser.Stay in touch with the latest on your favourite games wherever you are by downloading the PlayStation Official App to your smart phone or mobile device, too. It’ll also let you check your PlayStation Network trophies and keep up to date with your friends’ online status.

Get your party started
Music Unlimited gives you access to millions of your favourite songs for free. All you have to do is sign up between 21 December 2011 and 18 January 2012 to receive a Premium Music Unlimited subscription completely free for 60 days, and you can listen to tunes by the best artists around as often as you wish.Treat the eyes as well as the ears by downloading VidZone from PlayStation Store and stream thousands of music videos direct to your PS3 system this party season. It’s easy to create the playlist that perfectly matches whatever you and your friends are into. And whether that’s rock, dance, hip hop, indie or anything else, you can easily head to dedicated Zones to watch and listen to the best of that genre of music.

Borderlands 2 will be available to download from the PlayStation Store at launch on September 18th, Playstation revealed on its Blogcast late yesterday.A digital copy will cost $59.99, same as retail, and will be available when the PlayStation Store updates on Tuesday. The European Store already has Borderlands 2 available for pre-order, so players across the pond can get started on the download early.Borderlands 2 is coming to PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PC next week. There is still time to pre-order the game and snag Premium Club membership.

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