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The New York Times is one of many sites reporting on Android shipment estimates, which were made by Canalys. The company said that in the fourth quarter of 2010 manufacturers shipped 33.3 million Android-based phones. That edged out its year-ago quarter, when 4.7 million were shipped.

That being the case, developers have been busy creating Android Market applications. We’ve collected some of the best Android apps that make life easier and generally help you on a day-to-day basis. Some are free, and some require a small fee.Apple’s iPhone and iPad may currently be in the lead among enterprise users, but this doesn’t mean Android is not a good platform for productivity. For GTD geeks, developers, mobile workers and project managers out there, you can try out Trello on your Android smartphone or tablet. It’s now available on Google Play.

Trello is a pretty straightforward project management app that lets you create “whiteboards” that contain checklists, and detailed tasks. Different projects can be managed through new whiteboards. Trello also lets different users collaborate on boards.

Tasks and information are organized using “cards.” These can be sent to different users in your team, which signifies you’ve assigned a task to them. Trello also supports task deadlines, reminders and other notifications.

Trello is “a super simple, web-based team coordination system,” says Fog Creek Software founder Joel Spoksly. “Trello is for anything where you want to maintain a list of lists with a group of people.”

Here are a few uses of Trello that I can think of:
Collaborating on assignments in multi-author sites (like Android Authority)
Bug tracking and resolution
Managing school projects
Managing company projects
I’m a big fan of Spolsky. His online writings seem to always hit the mark when it comes to productivity and development. Fog Creek comes across as a team of folks who know how to get things done, and how to be productive in development work. This philosophy extends to software and web apps like project management tool Trello.

The app automatically syncs data to the cloud, and users can access their boards and cards across different platforms, including iOS, Android and the web. Added features over the web version are offline viewing and push notifications. Trello supports authentication via Google accounts for easy login. For those who have been reading this article and comparing to the morn well-known app, Evernote, test out out both and see which one fits your needs. We think you’ll prefer Trello for its simplicity.Trello is currently available on Google Play and is free to use.

Every once in a while, an app comes along with such ingenuity and intuition, that it makes its audience pause and reflect on how integral smartphones have become in our daily lives. The creative app I’m about to share with you is one such app and believe me, it won’t disappoint that headline!

Friday, as noted by its developers, “changes the way you use your android. It captures your entire life through your phone and builds a beautiful timeline of your life.” In essence, it’s a bit like using Facebooks’ notorious Timeline but as a separately functioning Android app. This can be handy for those of us who stay on the move, but want to tweak our lifestyles for maximum efficiency which results in more productivity.Friday has an applet’s feature so 3rd party developers can extend the service to greater functionality beyond the original concept. The downside is there’s only one applet available at the moment, but that list should grow pending Friday’s popularity growth. In addition, all the well-known social media sites can be added to help Friday track your movements and build a personalized portfolio.When you have enough data stored in the app, you can then query it for some concise answers on where to better your life. The best way to describe Friday is how it’s developers mention it: A passive auto journal. Friday is a free app and comes with a fresh update as of 30 July.

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